Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Help Us Hold Congressional TPP Supporters Accountable Inside Their Own Districts


Welcome to Modesto

The first Blue America truck of 2015 is on the road. Our driver is using the Golden State Highway (Route 99) as the backbone of a trip up and down two Central Valley districts-- CA-10, represented by Republican Jeff Denham, and CA-16, represented by Blue Dog Jim Costa. He drives up and down the 99 from the Fresno-Yosemite Airport in Costa's district to Manteca in Denham's district, stopping in every big and medium-sized town in between: Fresno itself, of course, plus Madera, Chowchilla, Merced, Delhi, Turlock, Ceres, Bystrom, Modesto, Salida and Manteca.

The truck, pictured above and below, as it arrived on Sunday night, has the same message for voters in both districts-- on one side "Congressman Jim Costa just voted to cut your mom's Medicare by $700 million to finance a trade agenda that sends your job to China," on the other side "Congressman Jeff Denham just voted to cut your mom's Medicare by $700 million to finance a trade agenda that sends your job to China." Pretty incendiary, but it's exactly what the two conservatives did in the TPP votes.

We'd like to keep the truck visiting every nook and cranny in the two districts all summer. And we'd like to send more trucks to more districts all over the country. We need help from like-minded progressives if we're going to pull that off. Our Independent Expenditure Committee ActBlue page uses all the contributions that come in for activities like the truck. Anything you feel like donating would be greatly appreciated-- and well-used.

Denham and Costa both deserve to lose their seats for betraying the working families of the hard-pressed Central Valley. I think running these two out of the House would send a powerful message to other Members who talk out of both sides of their mouths. It's great seeing labor unions spending money on advertising against reactionary New Dems Ami Bera (Sacramento suburbs) and Kathleen Rice (Nassau County, NY), and we want to expand the accountability to make our elected representatives think twice about stabbing their own constituents in the back every time Wall Street and Big Business wiggle a couple of dollars under their noses. If we don't do it, who will? Please contribute here or, if you'd rather, send a check or money order to Blue America, P.O. Box 27201, Los Angeles, CA 90027.

UPDATE: Blue America Truck Brings Some Excitement To Modesto

Greg, the Blue America driver, had a very full day today, visiting Merced, Atwater, Livingston, Turlock, Modesto and Salida. "I drove right up to Congressman Denham's office and took my first pic of the day," he wrote this morning. "When I got to Modesto, I stopped in front of the newspaper building and took a photo there. I went upstairs to the reporters section and told them to look outside their window. When they did, they grabbed their cameras and came out to photograph the truck.... I've never gotten so much attention to the ad before. Everyone is pissed about this TPP issue."

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At 9:46 AM, Anonymous Dorothy Reik said...

You could say the same for DiFi. How I wish we could get rid of her! I'll say this for her - she never waivered - she was against us and for the corporations from the beginning.


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