Sunday, March 22, 2015

The DCCC Is Working To Re-Recruit Defeated Incumbents-- But Only Conservative Ones: Problem In New Hampshire?


As usual-- and as expected-- the DCCC is re-recruiting all kinds of loser candidates to run in 2016 with promises that it will be a good year for Democrats. First and foremost Denny Heck's right-of-center Recruitment Committee is looking for New Dems and Blue Dogs, the worst garbage the Democratic Party has to offer. They specialize in trying to lure back the dreck that lost in the last cycle, usually lost because of an inability to motivate Democratic voters to both to go vote-- due to wishy-washy stances, grotesque inauthenticity and fealty to rich campaign donors rather than base voters.

Several defeated incumbents have already turned them down-- like John Barrow (GA), Joe Garcia (FL), Dan Maffei (NY), Steven Horsford (NV) and Ron Barber (AZ)-- but they have some really unsavory characters they're looking to get behind again: Brad Schneider (IL) and Pete Gallego (TX) being two especially bad stand-outs. One incumbent Heck's conservative committee is NOT recruiting-- and, remember, both Steve Israel and Chris Van Hollen are members of the committee-- is Carol Shea Porter (NH), the only progressive incumbent who lost a seat in 2014. The DCCC recruits have been trash-talking her and looking at alternative candidates like centrist , carpetbagger and Wall Street shill Shawn O'Connor, something that'll be a real stretch among actual Democratic voters in NH-01. Blue America, on the other hand, is very much encouraging Carol to run again. and based on this e-mail she sent to her supporters this week, I'd say the chances she does, look excellent, DCCC or no DCCC.
So many people are still asking me if I plan to run for the Senate against Kelly Ayotte and told me they had read James Pindell’s column analyzing a possible candidacy. I want to share this with you: If Governor Maggie Hassan runs for the United States Senate, I plan to support her. She will defeat Kelly Ayotte and give our state two Democratic Senators.

I am so grateful to all of you who have been also asking me to run again for the United States House of Representatives. Even though the District is just 26% Democratic compared to 34% Republican (and 40% Independent), it was a close race for Democrats. The Governor won the District, and the rest of us came close to winning it. I received 48.2% of the vote in a very tough cycle, which means we can win the seat in 2016 when more voters turn out.

My team and I are hard at work looking at everything, and I will send you an email when a decision is made, but I want to thank you again now for all you have done. You are the reason I went to Washington as the first woman ever to hold federal office from NH, you are the reason I won three terms in the House even though the Republicans have an eight-point advantage in our District (NH’s other District is the Democratic side of the state), and you are the reason we now have healthcare and a stronger economy. You and I worked together for a stronger middle class, for union rights and worker protections, for families, for seniors, for vets, for responsible budgets, for small businesses, for the environment, for education, opportunity, and prosperity for all. The struggle continues, but I am very proud of what we did together!
Carol should be able to put this one away easy-- if the DCCC doesn't step in and wreck everything with a heavy-handed move to find a more conservative candidate.

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