Monday, February 02, 2015

Doonesbury Watch: New perils for the Red Rascal?


The Red Rascal was the protagonist of
Red Rascal's War: A Doonesbury Book.

by Ken

It's funny how, in my particular Doonesbury world, most paths seem to lead back to Joanie Caucus. Just recently we were looking at the fateful meet-up of Joanie's daughter, J.J., the child she abandoned when she walked out on her abusive first husband, and then-Walden College senior Mike Doonesbury. Now we have a brand-new Sunday strip featuring her slacker son (with her second and current husband, reporter Rick Redfern), Jeff.

Here's the entry on Jeff from Wikipedia's "List of Doonesbury characters" (links onsite):
Jeff Redfern (born 12/31/82, appears 1/1/83) -- Joanie and Rick's son and Alex's uncle. Jeff graduated from Walden (and stopped rooming with Zipper Harris), formerly worked for the Central Intelligence Agency with Havoc, and was in Afghanistan working for contractor Jack Overkill. Through social networking, Jeff established himself as the mysterious but fictional anti-Taliban fighter known as the "The Red Rascal" ("Sorkh Razil" in the local dialect). In early 2012, he received a seven-figure advance for his next two books, enabling him to purchase a 12-bedroom trophy mansion, but was evicted in October 2012 when he was unable to keep up the payments.
And now, apparently, Jeff is in new peril.

DOONESBURY by G. B. Trudeau
[Click to enlarge.]

Taco Bell -- that would be back in Afghanistan?

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