Saturday, February 22, 2014

Our Country Is Up To No Good Again-- This Time In Venezuela… And On Behalf Of Big Oil


You would never guess it from the U.S. media coverage but the U.S. is making its move against the people of Venezuela, doing all it can to incite and support a violent right-wing takeover of a legitimately elected government of the working masses. Sure, that's the kind of thing that scumbags like Nixon and Kissinger did. But Obama and Kerry? You bet your ass! You'd like the Obama Administration gets it's Venezuela policy direct from Fox-- or vice versa. Since the government of Venezuela nationalized the oil industry, the standard of living for Venezuelan working families has made healthy gains-- and the Permanent DC Foreign Policy Establishment wants none of it. They want regime change.

Our country doesn't like Venzuela's leader referring to our interests as "imperial interests," even if everyone knows that's exactly what they are. “With their dinosaur vision," he said about the U.S., at a meeting of Latin American leaders last month, "they’re not going to understand what’s happening and what’s going to happen in our economic, social and political life in the coming years." One of the few journalists covering this to get the story right has been Carl Gibson at Reader Supported News:
A leaked document from November of 2013 shows that the US Agency for International Development (USAID) collaborated with the Colombian government and Venezuelan opposition leaders to destabilize Venezuela and stoke massive protests. The document, obtained by journalist and attorney Eva Golinger, was the product of a June 2013 meeting between US-based FTI Consulting, the Colombian Fundación Centro de Pensamiento Primero Colombia (Centre for Thought Foundation of Colombia First), and Fundación Internacionalismo Democratico (Democratic Internationalism Foundation). The third tactic outlined in the 15-point strategy document openly called for sabotage:
"Maintain and increase the sabotage that affect the population's services, particularly the electricity system, that puts blame on the government for assumed inefficiencies and negligence.”
Coincidentally, during one of Nicolas Maduro's televised speeches outlining his economic plan in early December, the power went out for 60% of Venezuelans for several hours. Maduro blamed the act on sabotage.

The current situation in Venezuela is eerily reminiscent of 1950s Iran. Democratically-elected Iranian leader Mohammed Mossadegh threatened to nationalize the country’s vast oil supply. President Eisenhower sent Kermit Roosevelt, the grandson of Theodore Roosevelt and the CIA’s near-east and Africa division leader, to Iran to oust him.

After sustained protests and civil unrest engineered by Kermit Roosevelt, Shah Mohamed Reza Pahlavi took power. What followed was 25 years of cruel brutality and fear for the Iranian people, and sustained energy trading with the United States. It was the CIA’s first successful overthrow of a foreign government, and it wouldn’t be the last.

…Mass protests organized largely by students have started erupting all over Venezuela. A brutal government crackdown has resulted in the deaths of dozens of protesters and the injury of hundreds more. While tragic, the deaths harken back to the leaked strategic document:
“Whenever possible, the violence should cause deaths and injuries. Encourage hunger strikes of numerous days, massive mobilisations, problems in the universities and other sectors of society now identified with government institutions.”
Several photos of supposedly Venezuelan protests and police response that went viral on Twitter have recently been found to be taken from other protests, in other countries, years ago… If Lopez succeeds in ousting Maduro, it will be a dream come true for Washington and the wealthy western investor class. And it will be the beginning of the corporate conquest of Venezuela.

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