Friday, November 09, 2012

There's Petraeus, and then the Lockheed Martin guy, married straight guys who can't keep it in their pants -- did gay marriage make them do it?





Don't ask me what goes through these guys' heads, these great Defenders of Freedom and the National Security, Bulwarks of the Great White West. Is it possible that they don't know, while they're getting theirs, that they're doing something that, as soon as it's found out, will end their careers?

Surely the most logical explanation -- though I haven't run it past those lions of the National Organization for Marriage, Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown -- is that it must have something to do with that great all-purpose Destroyer of Traditional Marriage: gay marriage. I've never been exactly clear how this is supposed to work. Okay, I don't have a frigging clue how it's imagined to work. But that must be it, right? Because NOM has taught us that when marriage is in trouble, the obvious problem is those goddamn homos, and of course those goddamn lezzies. -- Ken

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At 9:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

And and and then you're stealing elections too you naughty persons!

At 12:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am truly surprised that there was not a better effort to quash these scandals. my dad cheated on my mom when he was fast-tracking his way to the upper tiers of the nsa. it never became a scandal but it stalled his career. when he retired and went to work for martin marietta, dad was at it again. this time with a woman who worked for him at nsa and followed him to martin. he secretly set up residence in another state and led people to believe that this woman was his wife! the ensuing divorce negotiations had been quiet but the settlement unfair. it was getting nasty but when my mom threatened to go all "oprah" on dad's ass, damage control was so swift that my mom got a huge cash settlement, the house, the mercedes, full healthcare, half of my dad's military retirement pay and before any papers were signed, mom's lawyer started refusing her calls. ultimately, he left a message saying, "stop calling me lady. you're divorced." even his fees had been paid!

i have seen all kinds of cheating (a general - who was close family friend - died of a heart attack while banging his mistress...) and unless it was at a level that absolutely could not be concealed, the cheating was never aired publicly. i can only imagine what evidence is floating around because a marital failure alone would not warrant a resignation. it takes humiliating proof to derail these guys. i just hope it's not a sex tape. eewwwwww....


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