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30%... 47%... Ryan Also Asserted 60% of Americans Are "Takers Not Makers"-- What The Hell Is HE?


Outside of the states that have yet to reconcile themselves with the Emancipation Proclamation and the outcome of the Civil War, most of America, as reflected in the polls, has come to the conclusion that the snake oil the Republican Party has been peddling is just plain toxic. And it was helpful when Romney brought a previously obscure Wisconsin congressman to the national stage to rub that in. There's no Republican worse than Paul Ryan and if you've been reading DWT before today, you probably know that's been one of our themes for the past 6 years. That the DCCC gave him a free pass to reelection in a traditional Democratic district year after year after year, just made us work all the more hard against the corrupt Beltway insiders behind deals like that. Meanwhile, Ryan has become more and more of a danger to America and is now one of the leaders of a political party cut loose from its traditional moorings and out to sea in a fulcrum of ideological extremism, much of it based on an obsession of Ryan's with a series of third rate adolescent novels by Ayn Rand.

Ryan, who's never worked an honest, productive job in his entire miserable, entitled life, had the temerity to stand up in public two years ago and claim that 60 percent of Americans receive more financial benefits from the government than they pay in taxes, making them "takers," rather than "makers." And here he is, on video, dividing the American people into "takers and "makers."

Friday, the Campaign for America's Future released a voter guide and report showing that 181 Members of Congress have been consistently voting against the interests of the middle class. Ryan, of course, was one of those 181 Members and he was the object of a press release they sent to media outlets in Wisconsin's first congressional district.
The Campaign for America’s Future released a new voters’ guide for the middle class today. Republican Vice Presidential candidate Rep. Paul Ryan and 180 other Members of Congress vote with the middle class zero percent of the time. The new Middle Class Voter Guide was created to hold lawmakers accountable for their votes in Congress on the most important bills that would have helped or hurt the middle class.

Robert Borosage, co-director of the Campaign for America’s Future said, “Every legislator claims to be a champion of the middle class – yet in vote after vote, the big corporations and the wealthy get the gold, and the interests of the middle class get the shaft. For too long, voters had no way of knowing who stands at their side and who sits on their backs.”

The Campaign for America’s Future rated every legislator on the basis of his or her votes on 10 key bills in the House and in the Senate that had the greatest impact on the middle class.

"Middle-class Americans now have one single place to get the definitive word on who actually stands with the middle class," said Van Jones, President of Rebuild the Dream. "This vital tool provides a springboard to members of Congress who champion the middle class-- and puts the rest on notice that they can't undermine the American Dream without consequences."

Campaign for America’s Future is buying Google ads aimed at 10 “worst of the worst” incumbent Representatives whose fate in November may determine control of Congress. Rep. Paul Ryan is on the top ten target list. Constituents who use Google to find information about the top ten targets will learn of their Representatives low score and will be encouraged to click a link and learn more about their legislative records.

...The Middle Class Voter Guide is available online.

 Rep. Paul Ryan’s rating is available here.

And here's the new Rob Zerban ad that everyone who contributed to his campaign helped him pay for. Let's keep it up on TV! As Greg Sargent reported in Friday's Washington Post, "The ad strikes a moral tone against the Ryan plan, calling it 'dangerous,' 'cruel,' and 'deeply wrong.' And it flatly claims Ryan’s plan 'ends Medicare.'" With no help from the DCCC or the DNC, Rob has been able to outraise Wall Street darling Raul Ryan in the last quarter. If reptilian chairman Steve Israel, who has pledged to Wall Street banksters who support both Ryan and himself that he would protect Ryan's House seat while he runs for VP, would allow DCCC staffers who are dying to take on Ryan to go for it, Ryan would be looking for a job among K Street lobbyists or right-wing welfare organizations (so-called "think tanks") in January. Meanwhile... until Israel is himself ousted-- something we need to start working on now-- it's up to us to help Rob defeat Ryan on his own.

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At 8:51 AM, Blogger Bula said...

I'd like to see both their responses to the question; Do you consider States that take more money from Federal Government than they pay in moochers, not makers? If so,would you block grant them?


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