Friday, October 05, 2012

Gary DeLong, Another Lockstep Republican Making Believe He's A "Moderate"


There's a fight going on in the new 47th House District in California. In one corner is Democrat Alan Lowenthal, a respected state Senator with a solid progressive record. In the other corner is Republican Long Beach City Councilman Gary DeLong and his U.S. Chamber of Commerce attack dogs, who just recently dropped $300,000 in negative TV ads against Lowenthal, part of a multimillion dollar effort to defeat California progressives and even moderate Democrats. Nearly all the Chamber money is going to help reactionary Republicans, although they managed to find themselves two reactionary Blue Dog Democrats to fund as well, John Barrow (GA) and Jim Matheson (UT). Their attack on Lowenthal was especially vicious and Betty Jo Toccoli, president of the California Small Business Association reacted angrily. "The U.S. Chamber certainly doesn't speak for me and they obviously don't know Alan," she told the L.A. Times, recounting Lowenthal's efforts over the years to meet with business owners and respond to their concerns.

Alan is a solid progressive with a decades-long history of fighting for consumers and his community. He’s always been there on the legislation that counts and he's the newest candidate endorsed by Blue America.

The Chamber doesn’t like that, and they’re scared of having Lowenthal in Congress. So they’re trying to knock him down and get their chosen Republican Big Business shill elected in his place.

So who is the Chamber’s chosen candidate?

Gary DeLong is the hand-picked candidate of the far-right GOP; he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He claims to be "mainstream" and a "moderate," but in reality he’s just another garden variety Republican puppet for the Chamber, the Koch Brothers and the entire toxic, obstructionist agenda being pushed by Boehner, Ryan and Cantor. And that’s why he’s one of Ryan’s and Cantor's hand-picked “Young Guns,” a stable of Republican candidates chosen for their ability to move the Republican leadership's agenda forward. There are no "moderate" Young Guns, only mindless zombies  who agree with every awful proposal Ryan and Cantor ever make.

And, really, how much influence have the so-called “moderate Republicans” in Congress had lately? Moderates in the Republican Party still vote in total lockstep with their leadership. That’s why their candidates, like DeLong, have to avoid taking a stand or explaining their beliefs too much. How on Earth can they obey their overlords if they’re actually accountable to the folks back home?

He will join Republicans in trying to privatize Medicare, to repeal Obamacare, threaten to shut down the federal government by highlighting the “failures” of the President ahead of the success of the Republic.

Gary DeLong isn’t a “moderate.” He’s a foot soldier in the most right-wing, radical, and partisan Republican party in memory.

DeLong has taken almost $100,000 from some of the most conservative members of Congress and some of the most right wing PACs who deny climate change, want to roll back clean air and water laws, and spent tens of millions to oppose healthcare reform.

All there is to know about this telecomm executive is that he is a self-proclaimed small business owner and job creator (of a whopping two jobs), he is endorsed by Paul Ryan, John Boehner, and Eric Cantor, and refuses to take a specific public position on any substantial issue.

Sound like a certain Republican Presidential candidate you know?

When asked about his GOP endorsers and “Young Guns” status, he said “they endorsed me... I didn’t endorse them. They endorsed my campaign.”

Why run away from your friends, Gary? They have handed you personal checks, and the U.S. Chamber has spent over $300,000 trying to spread lies to voters. DeLong has also made thousands of out-of-pocket expenses to the Romney campaign and other Republican causes; being a Republican is fine, but don’t try to confuse the voters with your rhetoric. Call it as it is.

A vote for Gary DeLong is a vote for Mitt Romney, a vote for Paul Ryan, a vote for the extremist GOP House leadership team and a vote for the most radical, right wing, and partisan Republican Congress in memory.

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