Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The DCCC-- Not A Friend Of Working Families... Not By A Longshot


The DCCC added a shitload of shit to their Red-to-Blue program today-- a greenlight for big donors and idiots who take their financial walking orders from pimped-up hustlers and con artists like Steve Israel, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Steny Hoyer, Joseph Crowley and Allyson Schwartz. The list is a nightmare, not only for all the good progressives it leaves off-- like Rob Zerban, who exceeded the gargantuan goals the DCCC gave him to get on it, only to be left off anyway, Chris Donovan, the Speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives, and David Gill, who beat their corrupt Machine in Illinois only to be left in the cold while the DCCC endorsed corrupt conservative hacks like Tammy Duckworth, Cheri Bustos, Bill Foster and Brad Schneider, all of whom won the same night-- but also because they once again broke their own pledge not to endorse in active primaries. But they did-- and they always picked the corrupt conservative.

Great example of their ultimate lameness-- Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ-1) was defeated in 2010 because she was one of the worst, most useless Members of Congress and Democrats didn't turn out to vote for her and let a teabagger get in. In 2008 when she first won election, for an open seat she got 155,791 votes (56%) against the Republican's 109,924, tying him in the biggest county and winning in 6 of the remaining 7. After one term of voting like a Republican, Democrats stayed home in droves and in 2010 all she managed was 99,233 votes (44%) against 112,816 for the Republican. This time she lost by a landslide in Yavapai, the biggest county, and of the remaining 7 only won 3. A far better choice would be strong, independent progressive, Wenona Baldenegro, but the DCCC decided to not leave anything to chance-- or the Democrats in the area-- and moved this week to bolster the pathetic candidacy of sure loser, Kirkpatrick. The progressive in the race, Wenona, told me publicly what dozens of candidates are telling me off the record-- that Steve Israel and his cronies are a bunch of flat-out liars.
"Across the country, the self-appointed kingmakers in Washington are trying to tell the American people who should represent them in Congress. We will not let them anoint candidates for us; the people will decide who they want to represent them. I am truly humbled by the immense support that I have received from the people of my district, and I am proud to be running a grassroots campaign that is not in the pocket of corporate money and ALEC lobbyists. I will continue my campaign to give the people of Arizona the type of representation that they deserve, and to be the first Native American woman to ever serve in the U.S. Congress."

Please consider sending the DCCC thugs a message here... today.
Since taking over the DCCC with his band of cutthroats, "ex"-Blue Dog Steve Israel has turned over a hefty chunk of recruiting to the most hated part of the Democratic Party, the anti-Choice, anti-gay, anti-working family Blue Dogs. So far this year the Blue Dogs have endorsed 8 pasty-faced bigots (aside from their hideous gaggle of incumbents): Leonard Bembry (FL-2, DCC "Emerging Race"), Clark Hall (AR-1, DCCC "Emerging Race"), Nick Lampson (TX-14, "Red to Blue"), Brendan Mullen (IN-2, "Red to Blue), Hayden Rogers (NC-11, DCCC's "Emerging Races"), ALEC leader Ted Vick (SC-7, "Emerging Race District"), Rob Wallace (OK-2, DCCC Emerging Race), Charlie Wilson (OH-6, "Red to Blue"). Yes, every single Blue Dog has been embraced by the DCCC, even though many of them-- best example being NC-11 where Cecil Bothwell is going to hand Israel's corporate shill his ass on a platter on May 8-- have active primaries against progressives, where the DCCC has given their worthless word that they would remain neutral and let them play out.

Almost none of their picks are progressives-- Miklosi, Kuster and Takano being the exceptions-- and one is an actual Mitt Romney supporting Republican gussied up to look like a semi-Democrat, Patrick Murphy. My favorite DCCC story so far this year is how badly Wasserman Schultz and Israel fucked up the "#1 sure-thing district," FL-26, seat of breathtakingly corrupt freshman David Rivera. We've been over that a couple times before, but they've been recruiting the worst set of candidates imaginable-- so bad that they eventually are forced into unrecruiting them. And this week they found another one, Gloria Romero Roses, some typical unions-suck/taxes-are-too-high entitled rich asshole from Broward County. They managed to infuriate every Democratic official in Miami-Dade-- and every labor union by not even consulting them and shoving her right onto their "Emerging Races" list. And they did this, completely aware that the immensely popular (and populist) Joe Garcia is jumping in next week!

I bet Miami-Dade Democratic Party chair Richard Lydecker isn't going to take it lying down either. The DCCC thinks they have Miami-Dade all sewn up because of Debbie. Debbie's a joke and just another out-of-touch DC hack who works for the Fanjul brothers. It wouldn't surprise me if she's sabotaging Democratic chances in FL-26 on behalf of the Fanjuls, who want desperately to keep a pliable crook like Rivera in place. Meanwhile, Debbie and Israel and Crowley have a full scale rebellion on their hands from labor. Roses was illegally targeting and firing SEIU members when she was in HR... and it's payback time. Watch Wasserman Schultz lose Florida for Obama with her clueless shenanigans!
When Democrat Gloria Romero Roses runs for Congress this fall, her biggest opponent may not be incumbent Republican Rep. David Rivera, but her own résumé.

For nearly three years, Roses worked for a Hollywood-based condo management company that fought a nasty battle against one of the Democratic Party’s biggest contributors: the Service Employees International Union.

Roses headed the employee relations department and later became director of communications and community relations for The Continental Group, which manages condo properties across South Florida. Beginning in 2004, a local SEIU chapter tried unsuccessfully to unionize Continental’s condo workers, mostly in Miami Beach. The union accused the company of interfering with the union effort... From the union’s end, hard feelings remain toward the company and its directors, including Roses and her husband, Tom, who at the time headed the company’s property management division.

...Eric Brakken, director of the SEIU Local 32BJ, said he is troubled by Roses’ congressional run.

“We have deep concerns about her candidacy,” said Brakken, who directed the campaign to unionize Continental workers. “She’s going to have to come and explain to a lot of workers who have been through the same experience as Continental workers went through why she’s the best choice.”

Roses said she has already called several unions to introduce herself. “I’m making those overtures so that I can talk to them-- absolutely,” she said.

The SEIU tried to unionize Continental condo workers such as janitors, housekeepers, pool cleaners, valets and front-desk concierges. Brakken, who has never met Roses, said Continental mounted a serious anti-union effort, holding work-site meetings with managers who spoke against unionization and issuing written communications that made it clear the company opposed a union.

Roses said she was not involved in any of those tactics. [She's lying.]

The National Labor Relations Board found that the company wrongfully terminated one employee for his union activities. In its investigation, the board found Continental distributed “anti-union literature”-- including a bulletin to managers saying the company was “100% against a Union getting in here”-- and violated labor rules by photographing workers holding a mock election to reinstate a colleague.

“They clearly heard the message,” Brakken said of the workers. “Continental ran a pretty sophisticated campaign to stop their employees from forming a union.”

Roses and her husband, Brakken added, “were clearly central to that.”

One well connected Miami Democratic leader laughed at the cluelessness of the DCCC. "They went for Gloria who? From Broward that no one knows except the unions because of her past trying to bust them and is supposedly a business woman but somehow doesn't even have a website for her business as Roll Call and Politico pointed out. Ugh! I will support Joe. So will everyone else."

Tonight Democrats in Pennsylvania told Hoyer and Israel and Wasserman Schultz to go take a flying leap as they defeated their hackish corrupt Blue Dog, Tim Holden, and replaced him with progressive Matt Cartwright. With 447 of 449 precincts reporting, Cartwright beat Hoyer's corrupt Blue Dog 33,102 (57%) to 24,871 (43%). Holden lost all the big population centers. Cartwright ran up solid majorities in Lackawanna (78%). Luzerne (71%), Northampton (55%) and Monroe (64%). Grassroots Democrats in other states should take up the banner. Don't trust anyone endorsed by the DCCC. Check them out carefully first. Most will be worthless shills like the majority of the people on the Red-to-Blue List of Shame.

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At 9:33 PM, Anonymous ap215 said...

Down Goes Holden! Down Goes Holden!Take That Steve & Debbie!

At 10:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are many times you are spot on, especially about Matt Cartwright -- congratulations on that, but there are times when I think you are a tad off the mark.

1. Kirkpatrick did not lose because she was "one of the worst, most useless members of Congress" -- if she was, then why did she outperform Alan Grayson? In fact if 2010 was held under the redrawn lines, Kirkpatrick would still be in Congress.

2. While on AZ-01, if Baldenegro wants to be taken seriously, she can start by doing something about her website. The "latest updates" on her front page is from November 18, 2011. Also, her fundraising is abysmal -- only a little over $1,000 cash on hand.

3. Since when has Cheri Bustos been a "conservative hack"? In fact, wasn't she the more liberal choice in the primary?

4. I am looking at your list of Blue Dog endorsements and I have to ask -- what are you honestly expecting? All those districts are very conservative districts, Rob Wallace for instance is running in a district that gave over 60% of the vote to McCain. I also have a hard time understanding how Bothwell, as good a progressive as he is, is going to be able to sway enough voters in a district that was made even more conservative to unseat Shuler?

5. You are right about FL-26, in between the colossal flame out of Luis Garcia and all around failure to get a strong candidate in place is all on Schultz and Israel.

At 11:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are spot on about the mess the dccc has created in fl 26. I hope you are correct about Joe Garcia running.

At 2:09 AM, Blogger John said...

In the PA 12th CD, Critz beat Altmire, 51/49.


John Puma

At 4:55 AM, Anonymous me said...

So how do we get rid of those bastards in the DCCC?

I don't want to "send them a message". I want to SEND THEM PACKING.

At 12:37 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ann Kirkpatrick is a one-term member of Congress because she inspired record-low turnout in 2010, losing 68,000 votes between 2008 and 2010:

"Why Gosar Won: Dems Stayed Home"

The voters of AZ-1 booted her out because of her disgraceful record: YES on extending the Bush tax loopholes, refusing to co-sponsor the Employee Free Choice Act, NO on regulating CO2 emissions, support of SB1070, missed vote on the DREAM Act, and spitting in the face of Arizona's Indian tribes.

Kirkpatrick is a corporate hack who is in the pocket of ALEC lobbyists, as well as lobbyists from the payday-loan industry, the coal industry, and the private-prison industry, an industry that makes billions of dollars from ALEC-drafted legislation, such as SB1070.

I'm not so concerned about how often Wenona updates her website as I am with how she is galvanizing the people of this district, in a way that has never been seen, before. I'm not too concerned about money, either. Mitt Romney has money. The DCCC has been intimidating Democrat donors, for months, telling them not to give to progressive candidates. It's amazing that some candidates have even made it this far, given this sabotage from the DCCC. One look at the long list of Wenona's endorsements, and it's clear just how serious she is.

With that said, in 2002, when he was first elected, Raul Grijalva, who is another who has endorsed Wenona, was outspent by his blue-dog DCCC opponent, 7 to 1, and he still won. When the people of AZ-1 speak, and they elect Wenona to be the first Native American woman to ever serve in Congress, people will be talking about this race, for years.


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