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For people who like to pretend they're "pro-life," it's amazing how much death they manage to spread


The mission of the Susan G. Komen for the Cure took an unexpected twist with the hiring of an anti-choice zealot as its policy VP. Now, in furtherance of that demented creature's agenda, the foundation has gone into the business of spreading breast cancer.

“Susan Komen would not give in to bullies or to fear. Too bad the foundation bearing her name did.”
-- a tweet by author Judy Blume

by Ken

On one count you have to hand it to the authoritarian sociopoaths who packaged their opposition to abortion, which is at least a defensible position, into a crusade of oppression packaged under the lying claim of being "pro-life." You have to hand it to them because they were in the vanguard of the New Ultra Right which takes it as a requirement not merely an option that every word out of their mouths be a lie.

Of course they're not "pro-life." How could they be when they believe life is such a toxic, hateful, pestilential biological state? No, what they love is being the judges who determine who else should die. Most of the pro-deathers can never have enough death via executions, wars, poverty, and disease. Even when it comes to banning abortion, apparently the thought of all those women dying in back-room and back-alley procedures is probably better for them than sex. Oh wait, everything is better than sex for them, unless it's for procreation. (Just the people who should be encouraged to procreate.)

As we've noted frequently, the giddy-with-power Ultra Right is now engaging in an all-out war on women, and as we've also noted, with the anti-abortion jihad awaiting only the final death blow from their sociopathic-deviant majority on the Supreme Court, they've already moved to their next target: contraception. Since they are totally devoid of any decency or morality, naturally they feel empowered to destroy those who stand in their way. Planned Parenthood has already been targeted for an ACORN-style death for the sin of not advocating any of its cardinal virtues: ignorance, hatred, and economic imperialism. (I guess it's only natural for sociopaths incapable of decency or humanity to burn with hatred for anyone who embraces those qualities.)

As you've probably heard, the death-worshipping sociopaths have now scored a signal triumph, thanks to a bestial hate-mongering creature named Karen Handel, having wormed herself into position as senior vice president of public policy at the Susan G. Komen for the Cure, a foundation dedicated to breast-cancer awareness, which has been contributing substantial sums to Planned Parenthood to enable large numbers of women to avail themselves of cancer screening exams, she has now engineered a cutoff of that funding.

What she's saying, of course, is that she wishes to allot cancer suffering and death on women who wish to avail themselves of contraception., in defiance of her authoritarian psychopathology. And so, in the service of her loathsome dementia, she has singlehandedly transformed the Komen foundation's mission from fighting cancer to spreading it. (As usual with these demons, the Handel creature shows no evidence of having the slightest interest in the well-being of any actually born human being.) This is what happens when you consort with demons.

As the folks in the ThinkProgress War Room noted in a great post this evening, "New Attacks in the Right-Wing War on Women: Right-Wing Bullies Attack Access to Basic Women's Health Care" (with lots of links onsite):
The good news is that people across the country rose up to defend Planned Parenthood against this kind of right-wing bullying. One foundation made an emergency $250,000 donation to cover breast cancer screenings and then another 6,000 donors stepped up in the last 24 hours with an additional $150,000. Richards emailed supporters today to thank them and say the group would fight on:
It doesn’t matter what the anti-choice, anti-women’s health forces out there do. As parents, we tell our kids not to give in to bullies — and we shouldn’t, either. I promise you that we won’t, no matter what.

Progressive groups, including MoveOn, UltraViolet, CredoAction, and the campaigning arm of Daily Kos blasted their supporters to ask them to stand up and fight back against the attacks. Members of Congress, including Reps. Jackie Speier (D-CA) and Mike Honda (D-CA) and Sens. Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Patty Murray (D-WA), and Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) also expressed their anger and dismay at Komen’s decision. Noted author Judy Blume took to Twitter, commenting: “Susan Komen would not give in to bullies or to fear. Too bad the foundation bearing her name did.”

Meanwhile, according to one analysis of social media reaction, just 27 percent said Komen’s decision was right, while 30 percent said it was wrong and an additional 23 percent said they’d stop donating to Komen as a result. Another 11 percent said it would hurt low-income women.

For its part, after receiving thousands of negative comments on Facebook, Komen issued a non-apology today that seemed to attack Planned Parenthood:
Making this issue political or leveraging it for fundraising purposes would be a disservice to women.

This afternoon, two local Susan G. Komen affiliates announced their opposition to the parent group’s decision.

Is that supposed to be a joke, accusing those who have risen in shock and outrage -- at this shocking and outrageous decision -- of "making this issue political"? The foundation made a calculated decision to do just that when it made the Handel creature its policy czar. As Lori at Feministing noted, Handel "is a staunch anti-choicer, who went so far as to pledge to defund PP’s services when she was running for Governor [of Georgia]."

The Komen foundation made the choice to immerse their organziation in ultra-right-wing zealotry, so I don't know why they're so touchy now that they're proceeding with the agenda. You'd think they would be beaming as they tell all those women whose cancer-screening services they're defunding: "F--k you, bitches! Let the dying proceed!"

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At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Bil said...

Righton Keni,

While the former Bush2 Ambassador/Chief of Protocol has BACKED DOWN on the McCarthyish no busyness with anyone under investigation by the US.

Brinker's soiled legacy to her poor dead sister to eliminate breast cancer only donates 17% of what it raises (same as staff salaries) AND NEEDS INVESTIGATING....

In other newz:
Komen still partners and supports a Pink 9mm Walther...

Nothing says pro-life like a pink gun...

At 3:02 PM, Blogger KenInNY said...

I'm glad you raised that point about the appalling contribution pass-through level of the Komen enterprise, Bil. And I'm learning all sorts of other far from nice things about what really does appear to be an "enterprise."

Marcy Wheeler's got an especially pointed post.

I thought it was luscious that Brinker began her public repponse to the outcry by claiming that people were overwhelmingly in favor of the foundation's new policy. By today, evidently, with her grotesquely insincere "apology," she seems to have acknowledged otherwise.

As many people are pointing out, there's a whole range of more legitimate cancer-fighting organizations.


At 9:46 AM, Anonymous me said...

It was true 40 years ago, and it's true today: Those people are not anti-abortion, they are ANTI-SEX.

At 11:02 AM, Anonymous Bil said...

There are TWO breast cancer survivors in my family, AND a few Republicans left. After they see this, there will be FEWER...

Must watch video from a breast cancer survivor

"What (breast) cancer is and is NOT"...("see ANY politics on MY chest?")

Ari Fleischer Secretly Involved In Komen Strategy On Planned Parenthood

Here's a big surprise Ari Fleischer, (former Bush2 press secretary and chief LIAR during the HYPED run up to an illegal invasion of a sovereign nation WITHOUT WMDs and botching of a dumb war), involved in screening and hiring of the right wing FAILed Governor candidate Karen Handel.

At 12:04 PM, Blogger KenInNY said...

Great stuff, Bil. Thanks.


At 12:17 PM, Blogger KenInNY said...

And I meant to mention, in connection with me's comment, for sure those right-wing loons have a near-incapacitating problem with sex. You get the feeling that they're acting out either their guilt and shame over what they do to get it (usually in its authentically shame-worthy squalid forms) or their rage-inducing frustration that they're not "getting dirty."



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