Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Do You Sometimes Feel That Democrats Are No Better Than Republicans? Meet David Gill (D-IL)


Although the DCCC either tries to sabotage them or ignores them, there are progressive candidates, sometimes a very different thing from "Democratic Party candidates," running for Congress across the country. The DCCC/DC Establishment routinely recruits corrupt conservatives-- mirrors of themselves-- to run against progressives in primaries. This cycle the DCCC has done this in trying to stop Darcy Burner (WA), Ilya Sheyman (IL), Franke Wilmer (MT), Eric Griego (NM) and dozens of others. The above video, an interview with Dr. David Gill, encapsulates the problem directly and comprehensively.

We've discussed Dr. Gill in the past. He's a candidate in central Illinois almost too good to be true. So very different from the hacks, zombies, careerists and charlatans Steve Israel is trying to populate the Democratic congressional caucus with. In 2009 I asked Dr. Gill to give me his perspective on Obama's State of the Union speech the night before-- the SOTU where South Carolina fascist Joe Wilson started screaming.
As a practicing physician for the past 21 years, I’m well aware of the problems with the financing and delivery of American health care. As a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives, I look forward to working to provide solutions to these problems.

The health care issue, which has been the subject of so much discussion and heated debate over the last several weeks, has been at the forefront of each of my three Congressional campaigns. I bear witness on a daily basis to the multiple problems inherent in our current system; these problems impact all Americans, regardless of race, age or income level. Virtually every American would be far better served with a reformed system.

As a full-time Emergency Room doctor, my work brings me into contact with far too many stories which demonstrate the failure of our current “system.” Not long ago, I watched a 39-year old man die of a heart attack, leaving behind a wife and two young children. He worked as a full-time house-husband and father, while his wife worked full-time outside their household. He had experienced mild, intermittent chest pain for one week, but because he was unable to afford health insurance he ignored his wife’s pleas to have his chest pain evaluated. And as so often happens over and over again, he arrived at my Emergency Department too late. His children will now grow up without their father, leaving them with broken hearts and putting them at increased risk for a host of negative social consequences.

Many view the health care issue as a matter of great moral importance. However, the reforming of our health care system is far more than just a moral issue-- it bears tremendous importance with regards to our economic well-being as a nation. The time is long past due for us to stop permitting large insurance and pharmaceutical companies to run roughshod over all other American businesses and citizens. When we finally put in place a program which extends Medicare services to all American citizens, regardless of age, the boon to our economy will be like none ever seen before. For far too long, we have permitted 25 to 30 cents of each of our hard-earned health care dollars to be wasted on items which have nothing to do with heath care. When we enact “Medicare for All” legislation, 25 to 30 percent of our health care budget will be put back into the pocketbooks of American businesses and taxpaying citizens; in addition to providing this broad economic stimulus, the health care of American citizens will be vastly better served under such a system. No longer will the well-being of American citizens be sacrificed to maximize the outrageous profits of a small number of large corporations. No longer will young adults suffering with a week’s worth of chest pain be forced to ignore their symptoms, while CEOs such as William McGuire of United Healthcare receive retirement packages of 1,600,000,000 dollars.

I’ve known President Obama for many years, and I know that he fully understands the need to extend Medicare to all American citizens. I have little doubt that he wishes to see this type of boost to the American economy, along with the dramatic improvement in the health care of all Americans that such a change would bring. But President Obama needs more strong leaders in the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate; many of the lawyers and CEO’s in Congress do not truly understand health care. As an Emergency Room physician who has long served as the last line of defense for patients jeopardized by our failed system, I am well-prepared to serve as a strong leader in the House. All Americans will benefit from having a physician who deals with the healthcare crisis on a daily basis as an active member of Congress.

Matt Goetten is basically just a rubber-stamp Democrat, with nothing much to say about anything. He'd like a new job in DC, and Steve Israel would like to help him get one. David Gill is a very different kind of candidate. I hope you've watched the video. And I hope you'll contribute to Dr. Gill's campaign here on our ActBlue page.

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