Sunday, October 09, 2011

A Report From One Corner Of OccupyDC


-by my friend Juan, who's there

A Taste of DC is 3 day food fest in Washington, D.C. featuring bad food and music by the festival line-up of Styx (look out, Neil Schon... Tommy Shaw in da house!) Anyway, it's held along several blocks of Pennsylvania Ave. but runs into Freedom Plaza about a block from the Whitehouse-- which just happens to be the staging ground for the Occupy D.C. rally.

Right beside the plaza is the block that is apparently designated for vendors with grills. A major meat burning fest that seems as if there was an intended smoking out of all the mostly vegan protesters! But the winds are blowing to the left (ha!) which means the smoke is getting blown right up Ronald Reagan's ass-- well, his big ol' over sized government building anyway.

I've seen lots of veteran hippies from the way back machine, Sherman! And lots of disappointed folks from the "Yes we can!" era. But the best thing so far? A freshly 'bronzed by D.C. Indian summer' skaterboy in his leanest twinky prime-- shredding shirtless with pants so low he must think he's a brother in the hood (or Green Day on a plane...) and get this: he had "Down With Tyranny" written on his chest! I asked him if he read the blog and he does. He said it was "kinda opinionated but like, you get to be, if you're right. right?"

This is probably his last summer not having to really use what he's been learning but it was awesome to see that DWT/Green Day planted some seeds!

And then there was this... from another corner:



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