Friday, March 25, 2011

Making Common Cause With Our Enemies


For your sake, I hope you've never heard of Tony Caputo. He's a deranged hysterical teabagger who send me 3 or 4 idiotic pieces of spam a day... ever single day. If I open one a month it's a lot. But yesterday I did. The subject line was "Will Congress Become Accomplices In Obama's Illegal War," and, judging by the grammar, it wasn't a question. In giant, bold lettering, he began in his signature style: "If our Legislators let this slide and we do not protest and take to the streets, WE ARE DOOMED. The Constitution is null and void." The body of the e-mail is a polemic from another fringe kook, J.B. Williams who describes himself as a founder of Freedom Force USA (aka, the United States Patriots Union), a dangerous hate group preaching nullification and secession that is a garden variety segment of today's Republican Party. Impeachment would be beneath their dignity... if they had any. So now they want to make common cause with Ralph Nader and Dennis Kucinich-- and the Republican Party, of course-- and impeach Obama for Libya.
[T]he always anti-war left has it exactly right, proving that even the nutty left will get one right sooner or later. Like predicting rain, sooner or later it will rain and leftists finally find themselves in a flood.

Hours after US tomahawk missiles rained down on Libya, I explained in detail how Barack Obama had just become a war criminal. Twenty-four hours later, anti-war Democrats were out in force accusing Obama of launching an illegal war and they were right this time.

I also asked where congressional Republicans were on the matter and now we know. Senators McCain and Graham (a JAG lawyer) are right where we have become accustomed to finding them, on the wrong side of the law, the constitution and the nation, running cover for their buddy Barack.

I accused Obama of being a traitor, a stooge of the United Nations rather than a US Commander-in-Chief, and-- “one who betrays another's trust or is false to an obligation or duty”-- but not a single congressional Republican seems to agree.

Instead of focusing on the fact that Barack Obama had just broken his oath of office, the War Powers Act and acted way beyond his constitutional authority at the command of the United Nations alone, Republicans seem only concerned with helping Obama put that genie back in the bottle after the fact.

...We are a constitutional nation of laws or we are a lawless nation headed for third world banana republic status in a rush. Which is it? Congress will soon answer this question.

Will they hold Obama, Clinton and Gates accountable for this illegal war? Or will they simply act swiftly to sweep it all under the carpet?

The Constitution and rule of law hang in the balance. How odd that it is lefty loon Dennis Kucinich who has this one right. Where are all those “constitutionalists” we elected last November?

Republicans are in a weird position. They're the pro-war party but they're also the anti-Obama party (see Newt video above). They want it both ways. Boehner's letter to Obama whines that the mission isn't well-defined enough-- nothing about announcing a dead or alive reward for Qaddafi's head-- and that Obama didn't consult congressional leaders enough. And, taking a cue from anti-Iraq War and anti-Afghanistan War Democrats, Boehner is suddenly inquiring about benchmarks. It should be interesting to watch poor Boehner trying to handle the bloodthirsty and delusional Republican Party base who imagine they can hook up with Dennis Kucinich and impeach President Obama.

Remember Keith Olbermann? Not much clarity here:

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Getting rid of O'Bummer would be a good thing.

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Getting rid of me said would improve the dialogue.


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