Thursday, August 06, 2009

Is The Republican Jihad Making The Party More Popular And Electable?


The Republican playbook on disinformation, obstruction, racial hatred, and disruption hasn't been working. In fact, the newest biannual national-wide, state by state polling data from Gallup, shows it's been backfiring. I wonder if the Republicans will change their strategy from "stand up and shout to rattle the Democrat whose town hall meeting you are trying to muck up" to "start screaming Obama was born in Kenya or Indonesia or Mexico and start throwing feces at everyone in the room." The have plenty to be upset about.

Their hopes to avoid a replay of the 1934 midterm congressional election and to replicate the 1966 midterms that followed the long hot summer of racial explosions and simmering Vietnam tensions, seem to be working out badly for them so far, although Republican candidates in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho have nothing to worry about. The Gallup survey seeks to gage party affiliation changes in each state.

Earlier today I listened to pieces of an NPR interview with Nancy Miller, the creator and writer of the TV show Saving Grace, which is set in her native Oklahoma City. I was especially struck by the juxtaposition of two statements that I wouldn't have thought would come from a Wellesley graduate. After the Oklahoma City bombing she was happy to imagine that no one would refer to people from her state as "dumb Okies." A few seconds later she mentioned that she couldn't understand how God could let Timothy McVeigh drive up to the Alfred Murrah Federal Building with a truckful of explosives and blow the place up. Above I mentioned the three most self-identifying Republicans states in the country. 65% of the voters in Wyoming cast their ballots for McCain last year; 63% did likewise in Utah and the percentage was 61% in Idaho. But even in the aftermath of the country's worst ever right-wing terror attack, Oklahomans voted for the right-wing candidate in greater numbers than anywhere else-- 66% voted for McCain (or against Obama). In the newest survey 47% of Oklahomans claim a Democratic Party identity (as opposed to 42% Republican).

One 9 states had significant changes since 2008:

Gallup summarizes the data by pointing to a growth in independent voters, most of whom are favoring Democrats and Democratic policies. "[T]he Democratic Party continues to hold a solid advantage in party identification in most states and in the nation as a whole. While the size of the Democratic advantage at the national level shrunk in recent months, this has been due to an increase in independent identification rather than an increase in Republican support. That finding is echoed here given that the total number of solid and leaning Republican states remains unchanged from last year. While the Republican Party is still able to compete in elections if they enjoy greater turnout from their supporters or greater support for its candidates from independent voters, the deck is clearly stacked in the Democratic Party's favor for now." They're certainly doing a bit better in Alabama.

Somehow they expect their support for Insurance Industry CEOs to save their asses at the polls next year. Sure, they'll have lots of money flowing in from special interests but are Americans really going to vote for THIS?

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At 10:25 AM, Anonymous Balakirev said...

It wasn't the bipartisan bullshit Democrats were employing while cringing in Congress during the Dubya Years that led to their landslide presidency in 2008 and capturing the Senate: it was the economy going sour, which suddenly made Mr. "The economy's in great shape" McCain look like an idiot.

The national Repubs know that. They realize that bipartisanship seldom helps a party that's out of power, so they are being as obstructionist as they can. What else can they do? This way, they can delay and kill as much of the Democratic plan as possible, and the idiots in the Democratic Party will help them along with the best will in the world. All in the name of bipartisanship and political kumbaya.

And if little gets done, by 2010 and 2012 the Repubs will charge the Democrats with having no ideas and accomplishing nothing. And the Democrats will wring their hands. It's what they're used to, after all.

At 9:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, it was the perfect storm created by the Pugs in the first place. The Pugs' failure to steal another election; Bush's completely believable lack of popularity by the end of his pathetic term; and also, Sarah Palin being on the ticket did wonders for the Dems. Only the most retarded voter was blind to her complete stupidity.

Also, the moronic musings of conservative talk radio is a Godsend. Their discussions keep getting dumber by the day. And they are only helping more, now. Glenn beck is such a crybaby flake it's laughable; Limbaugh is nothing but an evil oinker, and Hannity is so far out of touch he's practically schizophrenic.

Obama and the Dems are mopping the floors with the Pug losers, and the more you kick and scream, the more it sounds like you're begging for it.

At 1:37 PM, Blogger FiscalRepub said...

No, Balakirev, just the opposite. If nothing gets done in the next 2 years, the Dems will have tons of knocked-down legislation that they can point to and say "hey, we HAD ideas, but the 'Pugs are just playing politics". And, to boot, unless the Republicans start moving out of whine phase, the Dems will be able to rightly claim that the Republicans had no ideas, no initiatives.

At 12:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

All of the comments posted so far puts the hammer right on the nail.


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