Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Proof Positive That Meghan McCain Is Every Bit A Republican At Heart


Two punks

I guess Republican propagandist Leigh Scott's brilliant marketing strategy-- to re-brand the GOP as the punk rock party-- didn't get the thumbs up from the decidedly non-punk rock figures who run it, namely Cheney/Limbaugh '12. How do I know? The extremist Townhall blog, a major tow-er of the party line, was making fun of Meghan McCain-- public enemy #1 to the GOP fringe-- for her very Republican behavior at Sunday's Correspondent's Dinner by calling attention to her affinity with... punk rock, once again relegating the GOP to the anti-punk rock party. Like someone was taken in by that meme for two minutes??

The New York Daily News actually broke the story about how Meghan turned into a bratty, spoiled Valley Girl when her two super hard to get tickets for the dinner wouldn't get three people into the overbooked festivities. "Does he even know who the fuck I am?" she demanded of the security guard who went over to explain that everyone is supposed to play by the rules now, regardless of how rich they are or who their father almost was. She made such a stink that they eventually just let her in. In case you missed it last time:



At 7:04 PM, Blogger Bob In Pacifica said...

Carla Marinucci, the political hack writer in the San Francisco Chronic, did a glowing column on Meghan McCain today.

At some point marketing crap still gets you crap.


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