Saturday, April 04, 2009

Desperate For Publicity, Zack Wamp Berates Rush Limbaugh


Straighten your posture & prepare your apology, you silly Wamp

Zach Wamp is a clownish Republican from Tennessee's 3rd CD (Chattanooga and Oak Ridge) who's trying to run for governor. Wamp's undistinguished rubber stamp, zombie-like voting record has nothing whatsoever in it to recommend him and nothing that stands out from any other garden variety lunatic fringe Bible-thumper whose irresponsibility brought on the Depression. He hasn't been able to make any progress in the Republican primary contest against front-running multimillionaire Knoxville mayor Bill Haslam and also has to contend with Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey and Memphis D.A. Bill Gibbons. No one outside Chattanooga knows who he is... or cares.

So, in a quest for some coverage, he denounced Rush Limbaugh on CNN yesterday. That got him a tiny bit of notice and after he abjectly apologizes he'll get even more press. Wamp referred to the de facto leader of the Republican Party-- at least in terms of setting the agenda for the congressional caucus-- as a "mere 'entertainer,' and suggested that rather than listen to Rush, we should listen to 'serious' people on how solve our economic crisis." Expect to see poor, befuddled Wamp to wind up here soon. Or will he appear on the Tyra Banks Show next?

And while the clownish Wamp prepares his abject apology to the Republican's fearless leader, another GOP clown, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan found someone else to apologize to: Europe. Actually Ryan seems to think he's being a jokester but is further exposing the disarray in the GOP, this time about how the kooks and loons feel about Europe. Many on the lunatic fringe feel the same way as Mormon fruitcake, Bishop Rob Bishop who spent two years running around Germany in the early 70s unsuccessfully trying to persuade people to join the bizarre cult. Later he became head of the Utah Republican Party and has always harbored extreme hatred towards Europe-- and monkeys-- because of his daily rejection by German people when he tried getting them to just try on the funny underwear. “The European mindset is still government solutions to everything-- high taxes, high government spending, high government safety net, government resolution of all the problems," babbled an angry Bishop. Ryan, on the other hand, has come around to seeing Germany and other European countries as the model the U.S. should be following. I have a feeling he hasn't cleared this with Limbaugh yet. “We owe them an apology," explained Ryan, "because our budget is worse than theirs. To suggest that we’re turning our budget into a European kind of a budget is unfair … it’s unfair to Europe." [Throughout the partisan budget debate, Ryan warned that America is moving closer into turning into a European society.] Barney Frank is watching the Republican pie fight and scratching his head. "The argument that if you have a better social safety net then people will get lazy and won't work is an extraordinarily dumb and mean argument and it's contradicted by the facts," he tried explaining to Ryan, Bishop and the other bickering Repugs. "I know people on that side have a propensity to see socialists everywhere. But the people who are most lecturing the American Government are the president of France, Nicolas Sarkozy, and the chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, two conservatives. So [this] invocation of socialists lecturing us is a further example of the propensity to see socialists where they are not.” Poor, Ryan just can't seem to get anything right. Maybe he should go back to being a lobbyist. You can help him with that.

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At 10:37 AM, Blogger Woody (Tokin Librul/Rogue Scholar/ Helluvafella!) said...

Two morons with two sets of grand-parents between em disputing who's the dumbest mofo on the block...

gotta love it...

At 10:49 AM, Anonymous basilmarceaux said...

Tennessee needs a new face as governor. We can not allow people who breaks our right at will.

press release: Basil Marceaux for your next governor has the guts that is needed to take Tennessee to the future. at this crossroad where Tennessee has so many candidates for the governor race, who has the answers , which party or candidate will come forward with a plan that will increase the standard of living for the citizen of Tennessee? not for just the next five years but for 98 years or more. the question is would addition tax burden on the citizen be the answer? no ,there is an answer. this is a new century new times why think prehistoric thing that work for the last century may not work this century. under this candidate Tenncare pilot reform program will produce the needed funds at the same time allow coverage of health care for all citizens as stated in the Tennessee code “creation of tenncare”, create 12,000 or more jobs, increase state productivity .by estimated $ 152,426,492.annual sale tax $91,455,895.any many more benefits for the citizens we have to remember tenncare was to be a pilot program but we don’t have the gut to take the steps, this front runner candidate from day zero stated what his plan is at every public forum that he was invited too. this candidate has three important issue that needs to be address. first, what is an oath? if an elected official break his/her oath to the public are they accountable? to whom? should they be allowed to be elected to a governor seat or any seat? i know that all of our congressman and U.S. senator, district attorneys and a lot of our legislators fall into this category and as your governor i will firer anyone who break there oath to the public which is a felony and appoint someone that won’t.

Tennessee supreme court ruled in Tennessee vs Larry Allen hicks ruled road blocks are a tool to seek out criminal wrong doer under the guise of checking for driver’s license and road block are illegal. this happen4 9 months ago but all law enforcement , district attorneys , counties judges are laughing at the Tennessee supreme court by allowing it to continue and collecting fund to balance there budget with these false arrest and putting citizens in jail so they can get more of tax money to build more jail, to train police officers coming out of the academy before going on the road and giving our tax money to lawyers to fight our citizens in court that file for wrong doing. this cost could be as high as $500,000. times 800 filings = $400,000, all the moneys that is paid to district attorneys to represent the state on each case lets estimate this cost at $ 200 times 193,000 = $ 39,600,000. this is $439,000,000. that we give to the legal profession for free.

Now in 1998 the u.s. supreme the court ruled in knowels vs iowa that law enforcement in a traffic situation is only a ticket givers. Where all justices stated if evidence for speeding can‘t be found in the car a search for crimes that are not know at that time are a illegal search.. they mention getting out of the car, guns , passengers in the car, a ugly face that show guilt all protected by 4 th amendment of the u.s constitution and is illegal. law enforcement, district attorneys, lawyers, judges and everyone to the top are laughing at the u.s. supreme court. why didn’t our u.s. senators or congressmen insist that our state to change? if they can’t follow the campaign laws that they sign into law or do there job as our federal connection will they do a good job as a governor or any office we are talking about estimated 193,000 false arrest against our citizens last year 34,567,876 since 1983, over $120,786,497.000 add this to the $439,000,000 =$ 559,786,497. stolen .if elected i will give everyone annuity and clean all records, empty jails with the understanding that no law suits will be allowed. a house cleaning of this magnitude would bankrupt the state for 150 years .

At time like this we need to think what Mr. Spock said the whole more important than the one. as you governor i will not allow this to continue. let me say even as a governor it will be hard for me to stop it because there to many people involved . how do you stop 160 years old crimes? what is the crimes? kidnapping. extortion, racketeering , jury fixing all felonies. and feloniers can’t vote or hold office. as a candidate for governor and u.s. senate, an u.s. marine force and bn. recon sworn to protect the constitution for life , and a citizen of this great state had to try to stop this practices.

At 8:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said... thanks for posting my comment! all republician who vote for me will be immumed!


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