Monday, March 02, 2009

Ron Paul And Son-- Makin' Moves?


The Pauls- left to right: Rand, Ru and Ron

We've been reporting how John Cornyn and Miss McConnell have been working hard to undermine extremist loon Jim Bunning-- who they keep whispering and lisping is too senile to senile and erratic to win in 2010. In a new development in that melodrama, it appears that anti-tax loon Rand Paul, the son of John Bircher Ron Paul, wants to run for that seat. I have a feeling that that isn't what Cornyn and Miss McConnell had in mind.

Papa Paul, won came in third-- between Bobby Jindal and Sarah Palin-- as the extremists' choice for president at the CPAC NutFest this past weekend, was makin' his own news this morning, trying to differentiate himself from bloated drug addict and GOP spokesperson Rush Limbaugh. Paul was on CNN's American Morning today and, while admitting he likes what Limbaugh is saying, he has some trepidation about Mr. Talent On Loan From God as a spokesperson for the party.
"He does say the right things now. And I think a lot of people like to hear what he's saying, but I think it's also a little bit polarizing and confrontational, and I think that's why the Democrats are bragging that Limbaugh now speaks for the Republicans. So I guess the Democrats think it's to their advantage if he's leading the charge... But he really didn't broaden the base. I mean, it's still very narrow, and that is why some of us would like to see an approach that would emphasize personal liberties and civil liberties, looking at the drug war. And certainly looking at foreign policy. And in those areas, it's really the old Republican Party, because even Limbaugh was a strong supporter of Bush. So, he doesn't have anything new either when it comes to, you know, bringing our troops home and not expanding the war in Afghanistan, and talking about, you know, the danger to our personal liberties and our privacies. So, there is a group of us that would like to appeal somewhat differently to the Republican base and, as a matter of fact, to the American people. That's what is really important."

He was probably brave enough to take on Limbaugh-- most Republicans are petrified of him-- because he's leaning towards not running for president again. They should run Limbaugh; he embodies exactly what they are-- even more than Sarah Palin.

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At 8:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting post. A blog spot which claims to oppose Tyranny should embrace the values of Paul. Perhaps you should have viewed Paul's release to validate the actual support Paul suggest for his son.

Bircher? They have faithfully warned against the very essence of your claimed site of Tyranny for years and years. They did in fact expose the UN's actions for "Agenda 200" and they were one of the first groups to present the threat of the global carbon tax. No. I don't support every view the Bircher's have but I do respect the value and education they offer the American people.

Maybe you should gain more knowledge about Ron Paul by simply signing up for his Campaign for Liberty site so you can witness first hand the ongoing fight his supporters present.

Having meet Rand Paul this past summer he is sharp and values the founders wishes just as his father. What more could one ever ask for? If Rand decides to run I will donate for his senate run and I'm not even in his state.

I expect Paul will Run in 2012 and I expect he will have his best chance for the nomination then ever before. Are you aware Paul predicted our economic demise? Are you aware of his program to fix our mess?

With respect.... DL


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