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Eliot Spitzer isn't in this photo but John W. McCain should be

Crooks & Liars won the best political blog award today. Congratulations to John and his whole crew! Last night John called me cursing 60 Minutes because of how tamely and lamely they handled John McCain. He has the offending clip up at C&L today. I know everyone would rather gossip about Spitzer and the high-priced call girls but, for some reason I think McCain's hypocrisy is a little more newsworthy and, like important. I mean, as far as I know, Spitzer's was a victimless crime and he's not really an arch-hypocrite like David Vitter or Larry Craig, who each campaigned on a platform built on bullshit about Family Values. But we'll see what the Bush Justice Department has dug up. I suspect that, unlike Vitter or Craig, Spitzer will resign anyway. Now, speaking of whoremongers, let's get back to McCain. What's wrong with this exchange?
Q. Is waterboarding torture?
MCCAIN: Sure. Yes. Without a doubt.

Q. So the United States has been torturing POWs?

MCCAIN: Scott, we prosecuted Japanese war criminals after WWII and one of the charges brought against them for which they were convicted was that they waterboarded Americans.

On the surface, nothing is wrong. But Scott Pelley funks miserably for not asking him why he voted against the bill outlawing torture or why he's supporting Bush's veto. Gee, 60 Minutes has really fallen pretty low these days! And if you really need a Spitzer fix, may I suggest a great piece Jane has up at FDL?

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At 6:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i vote hookers.

At 6:52 AM, Anonymous carol doty said...

"Spitzer's was a victimless crime"

Howie, As a retired psychotherapist who saw many sexual abuse survivors, male and female, Spitzer's was not a victimless crime. He has committed sexual abuse/betrayal of his wife and three daughters. He might as well have fucked his daughters. A victimless crime would not have involved someone's family members who trusted him.

At 7:12 AM, Blogger pathickey said...

Heavens Gertrude! Why Eliot of Course!

At 11:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the waterboarding picture:

McCain's head is under Mukasey's. I put McCain's over General Sanchez's when Bush and McCain were all kissy-kissy during Bush's signing statement with the last Torture Bill.

Then Mukasey testified waterboarding would feel like torture to him. So he went over McCain.

But McCain is back holding the pitcher (supplanting Cheney) in this version:

Thanks for using the picture.

Torture is extremely more relevant than sex with pricey hookers, but the media won't play it that way.


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