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I'll keep updating this. The polls in Vermont just closed and, as expected, it was a blowout for Obama. He'll probably wind up with around 60% of the vote. According to the CBS exit poll, her beat her in almost every demographic. These are Obama's percentages:
Woman- 57%
Men- 68%
Whites (94% of the Vermont voters)- 62%
1-29 years old- 70%
30-44 years old- 67%
45-59 years old- 58%
60 and over- 61%
He also won substantially among all income groups, among Democrats (60%) as well as among Independents (68%). Among people who thought the war is the paramount issue he took 73%. She did best among people who decided in the last 3 days (52%) and among people who said that experience matters most (94%). Among those who were looking for a winner against McCain, Obama took 76% and among those who want change first and foremost Obama took 83%. And the anti-NAFTA vote broke in favor of Obama. Of the 15 delegates available, Obama gets 9 and Hillary gets 6.

The polls just closed in Ohio and it looks like a narrow win for Hillary. Delegates could well be about evenly split. Here's the CBS exit poll. Women voters saved her day.


The only state of the 50 that Bush has never visited is Vermont. People there don't much like him either. Or at least the folks in the southern Vermont town of Brattleboro don't. In fact, they voted today to indict him for crimes against the Constitution. By an overwhelming majority, voters decided that if Bush or Cheney set foot in Brattleboro he would be arrested and extradited to a jurisdiction where he could be prosecuted (Den Haag?).

The small town of Marlboro passed a similar initiative calling for Bush and Cheney to be arrested.


The early Texas voters went massively for Obama but Clinton is catching up. A judge is allowing Cleveland polls to stay open until 9PM. Huckabee will drop out of the race and endorse the Double Talk Express. Howard Dean, on the other hand, has decided not to endorse John W. McCain.

"John McCain is out of touch with the issues facing Americans each day. Instead of offering solutions to the high cost of health care, help for the middle class or ideas to create jobs, McCain offers 100 years in Iraq and more of the same Bush budgets that have heaped debt onto our children and damaged our economy. Instead of ending the influence of lobbyists in Washington, he's hired them to run his campaign. The closer voters look at the real McCain record, the more they will realize he cannot be trusted to deliver the change America wants."

Clinton won Rhode Island and it appears that she and Obama will split the delegates. The 13-state winning streak is no longer perfect. More important, she's probably going to win Ohio and Texas-- one way or the other-- is going to be close.

7:55- CNN just projected Ohio for Hillary.

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At 8:01 PM, Anonymous Megaman_X said...

Good news from the second district: Vic Wulsin is kicking Steve Black's ass, 55% to 31% with 47% reporting.

At 8:10 PM, Anonymous Megaman_X said...

Also, in Texas, Rick Noriega has a 20 point lead over his closest competition with 26% reporting.


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