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Everybody thinks Romney is... well, full of Mitt. But at least he's been a dad who has all those sons he's trained to serve America. Take a look at the video of Tagg and Josh and Snoopy and Sleepy and Goofy serving America. It's less than two minutes. It'll give you an idea about what's behind what that nice Mitt fella says on the teevee.


Even notice what terrible people Romney appoints to positions of importance? I don't just mean his ex-BBF Larry Craig or those staffers who were caught impersonating law enforcement officials or the child molestor who was running his finance operations. Romney picked Cofer Black as his national security advisor and if you like the way Blackwater is stirring up the hornets' nests in Iraq and if you like the idea of a private fascist army in America, you're going to just love a Mitt Romney Regime, featuring chacters like Cofer Black who will, presumably, resign his job as vice chairman of Blackwater when he comes aboard at the Romney White House.

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At 3:41 PM, Blogger Jimmy the Saint said...

It's telling that Mitt's sons won't sign up. Why do they hate America?

At 4:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said... is running

At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lets support contreras4congress of the 41st congressional dist this time.,

At 4:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

heh.. i thought this was "down with tranny" oops.

At 5:54 PM, Blogger keninny said...

I just love Mitt's Boys. You'd a-thunk that among them they'd've flipped a coin or drawn straws or something so ONE of them could have had the privilege of serving the country they love. But no, they apparently have the strength of character to not give a fig what anybody thinks.

Heck no, they know, we don't gotta go.


At 6:10 PM, Blogger noahnoah said...

Mitt and his entire family are colossal douchebags.

At 8:21 PM, Anonymous me said...

"Mitt and his entire family are colossal douchebags."

Why leave out the rest of the scumpublican party?

At 10:37 PM, Anonymous james_boston said...

we here in ma. are so glad mitt is gone-baby-gone from our beautiful the rest of you can have the walter mitty experience. the mitt-flopper is, as i'm sure you all know by now, a lying, flip-flopping moron (he really might be almost as dumb as our monkey-like president. i know you won't believe that but he is at the very least seriously naive and detached in a way that's very bush-like.) way back in 2002 though (it really seems like a lifetime ago!), with 9/11 and our involvement in it fresh in our minds, the handsome, liberal mitt romney seemed to be what we needed. he was tough but liberal and tolerant in the bill weld mold said he. weld was a true liberal republican and a very popular governor in the early 90's who's still thought of very fondly here. mitt had the same patrician air about him as weld and that no doubt helped him. yet even while running as this dream candidate against a very weak, corruption-addled democrat, (who most of us thought of as a hack and a tool of corrupt beacon hill operatives...sometimes it can seem a bit "tammany hall" around here) poor mitt only just barely won the election (49% to 48% to 3%).

fast-forward 4 long, boring years and his only accomplishment as governor was to push the always-on-the-verge-of-extinction republican party of massachusetts into a full-fledged coma. i often wonder if mitt is going to campaign for the republican nomination for president on a platform of making massachusetts into a completely one-party, democratic state. that's a winning platform in the G.O.P., right? the number of seats dems control in the legislature, city councils and mayorships state-wide, always overwhelming, is now, post-mitt, simply shocking. we are also the only state in the history of this country to have so large a congressional delegation in congress and yet have all those seats belong to just one party (all 13 house seats and both seats in the senate...thanks again mitt!) and of course mitt himself couldn't win re-election here last year for nothing. the jig was up by 2006. we all knew by then that mitt believes in nothing but power, that he's a man with no core convictions. he was personally still well-liked (?) but he was moving so far away from what he'd run on in 2002, that the boston globe's polling was showing as early as 2005 that he would lose in a humiliating landslide to an unnamed democrat. the same polling also showed that he would lose by an average of 25 points to actual candidates like our attorney general at the time. so of course he didn't run again. if he had actually won here a second time, he undoubtedly would have had the republican nomination for president locked up by now.

and lest i forget, his not-so-lovely lieutenant governor, kerry healey; the bitch ran a vicious, ugly campaign last year, accusing the black democrat, deval patrick of supporting furloughs for rapists (with the photo of a black rapist his law firm had defended next to a picture of candidate patrick...and i'm so sure that no racist meaning was implied. riiiiiight!) she tried to completely willie horton him and like dukakis in 1988, he unfortunately didn't fight back, saying he "preferred to run a clean campaign" (when are we gonna get a democrat with balls again, a democrat that can fight dirty when necessary, like my personal heroes FDR and LBJ??!!) meanwhile, good ol' mitt campaigned for his bitch, um, his lieutenant governor, from the berkshires to cape cod and yet, on election day, deval beat her worthless ass by 30 points. in a three way race, deval got 56 percent vs. 26 percent for her and a liberal indie candidate got the rest (so the two liberals got 76%...that is some impressive reverse coattails that mitt has!)

so let me brag a bit and say we know where to keep republicans in massachusetts...the back of the bus (and all with mitt's help). just remember that when in his unholy quest for the Gay Ol' Party's nomination, walter mitty has delusions and starts to take credit for anything good that happened here in massachusetts (like the universal health insurance he signed into law), that the legislature here did as they pleased, usually ignoring mitt's bills and overwhelmingly overriding every one of his vetos (despite mitt's best efforts to increase the number of republicans in the legislature to make his vetos stick, the legislature went from 85% democratic to 89% democratic during his tenure). he did nothing, accomplished nothing. enjoy massachusetts' latest gift to america, another sad-sack loser politician with no chance of winning.

good luck america!


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