Tuesday, July 31, 2007



A day barely goes by without Nancy Pelosi taking the impeachment of another Republican arch-criminal off the table. I'm surprised the Justice Department was able to raid Ted Stevens' home without her claiming it would be disruptive to her plans-- which will be obstructed to death in the Senate like every single thing she does anyway-- for health care for impoverished children in Darfur.

But her exceedingly "moderate" stance on impeachment for the worst constitutional criminals in the history of America-- or at least since they ideological antecedents started the Civil War-- hasn't quieted Cheney down. Today he was on an Infotainment show-- Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Anna Nicole Smith's breasts being otherwise occupied-- raving about how the hardworking Bush Regime is being persecuted by evil Democratic witch hunters.
With respect to the U.S. Attorneys, there has been, I think, a bit of a witch hunt on Capitol Hill as they keep rolling over rocks hoping they can find something. But there really hasn’t been anything that has come up to suggest that there was any wrongdoing of any kind... Al’s [Abu Gonzo] a good man, a good friend, on a difficult assignment."

Tony Snow is also on a difficult assignment, daily doing a snow job on the American public. Yesterday he created a charming alliteration to mock the congressional investigations of the monumental wrongdoing by the Bush Regime in virtually every endeavor they have undertaken since first stealing the election in 2000. Like Cheney, Snow says the investigations haven't yielded a damn thing. He and Cheney neglect to mention that the Bush Regime has done all in their power-- some of it illegal-- to prevent witnesses from testifying. That's exactly why-- this obstructionist mentality-- that the government is failing to function the way the Constitution mandates.

Oh, and speaking of future indictee Cheney's criminal behavior, he, like the long line of crooks and disgraceful charlatans who have preceded him-- doesn't remember, or as Jane puts it... he's having a ginko moment.

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At 12:32 PM, Anonymous me said...

Even Idiot Cheney knows that the actual "witch hunts" - with torture, burning at the stake, hanging, drowning, etc. - were conducted exclusively by conservatives.

It's true of all witch hunts, just like it's true of book burnings and the like.

Cheney's lying again. But that's not news.

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