Thursday, January 25, 2007

There's an easy way to resolve all of this, Mr. Vice President: Just quit, so we can skip impeachment and proceed directly to your war-crimes trial


It was kind of a throwaway laugh line in a touchingly compassionate interview on last night's Daily Show when Jon Stewart asked poor Scott McClellan [right] whether Vice President Cheney is "evil." The line got a big laugh, from the audience and from poor Scottie. But when you get right down to it, I don't think Jon was joking, and I don't think the question is a joke. Sometimes the truth can sound funnier, or at least weirder, than a joke.

Here's the start of Peter Baker's report in today's Washington Post, under the headline "Defending Iraq War, Defiant Cheney Cites 'Enormous Successes,'" on Vice's chinwag yesterday with CNN's Wolf Blitzer:

Vice President Cheney said yesterday that the administration has achieved "enormous successes" in Iraq but complained that critics and the media "are so eager to write off this effort or declare it a failure" that they are undermining U.S. troops in a war zone, striking a far more combative tone than President Bush did in his State of the Union address the night before.

In a television interview that turned increasingly contentious as it wore on, Cheney rejected the gloomy portrayal of Iraq that has become commonly accepted even among Bush supporters. "There's problems" in Iraq, he said, but it is not a "terrible situation." And congressional opposition "won't stop us" from sending 21,500 more troops, he said, it will only "validate the terrorists' strategy."

I think the vice president has drawn the issues so clearly now that he's set the stage for the one and only appropriate forum for resolving them: at his war-crimes trial, following either his resignation or his impeachment and conviction.

I just hope that when push comes to shove, our Dick won't weasel out with an insanity cop-out, even though it seems abundantly clear that there isn't a sane cell in his brain. Because he is so uncompromising in his insistence that he is right and the community of sane people are the wackos, and because his insistence has commanded such violent and destructive forces, notwithstanding his indisputable and perhaps humanly unprecedented degree of insanity he should be considered for legal purposes exactly as he claims--totally responsible for his actions. After all, somebody's got to be.


I believe I'm already on record here as suggesting that current White House press secretary Tony Snow, the smarmiest and most annoying man on the planet, was going to make us nostalgic for poor Scottie McClellan. (Somehow I just can't seem to pronounce his name now without the "poor.") In this matter I feel vindicated.

As Jon Stewart pointed out in last night's interview, poor Scottie was installed in his thankless job at a dreadful time, when the Bush White House was beginning to be confronted with its unbroken record of brazen criminality and lying. And as became clear when he famously went to Karl Rove and Irving "Lewis" Libby and asked specifically if they were involved in the leak of Valerie Wilson's CIA status, they had no compunction about blatantly lying to him.

I was startled when poor Scottie mentioned, late in the interview, that he's 38. It turns out that this is technically true but slightly misleading--he'll turn 39 on Valentine's Day. The point is, though, that he was 35 when he was appointed White House press secretary in 2003. His predecessor, Ari Fleischer, was 40 when he took on the job. That may not sound like much of a difference, but those five years can mean a heckuva lot in the trenches in Washington. What's more, Fleischer was also a battle-hardened D.C. combat flack, having put in five years each as chief mouthpiece for Sen. Pete Domenici and for the House Ways and Means Committee.

Poor Scottie, by comparison, hadn't worked for much of anyone in politics except Chimpy the Prez (or Future Prez), and much of that in the considerably Chimpy-friendlier confines of the Texas statehouse. At this remove in time, it seems clear that he was hired to be a punching bag: to be a clueless receptacle for the administration's all-lies-all-the-time press dumpings, and in turn to stand there and take the resulting dumpage--to be, in technical terms, the administration's public shtunk (to Chimpy's nebbish).

It's a heckuva way to treat a poor soul who's never shown you anything except loyalty. But then, as we've had frequent occasion to observe, these are not nice people, the ones who wield power in the name of Chimpy the Prez.


At 7:08 PM, Blogger Timcanhear said...

I'll lay comment on Tony Snow here since his name was referred to.
Just one year ago, Snow sat in a meeting that I attended at Clear Channel in Cincinnati. Snow, a native Cincinnatian, came to hype his radio show which had just began syndication on the Cincinnati Clear Channel conservative station. (I worked for Air America in Cinci at the time, another C.C. frequency.)
I sat and listened to Snow blabber about his buying power so that the sales force could target some of the places that he does business with for future Snow endorsements. Three loans at various banks, jewelers who he frequented to buy affection from his wife, the boat he used to buy friendships and on and on.
I couldn't help but think how pathetic a man this was as he sat in front of us with his pompous attitude, boasting about his debts while at the same time boasting about who he could attract on his show with his fame. "What fame?" I thought. Perhaps my grandfather knows who he is but most assuredly, no one
from the under 60 crowd could identify him, conservative or not. And isn't the buying demographic somewhere between 25-54 as they like to tell us?
It made no sense.
So then, it was no suprise to me that just 1 week later, he would
scrap his radio show and go crawling to bush as his new press secretary. It was his calling to be sure. Snow was off the radio in order to help bush jump off the cliff. Snow would most assuredly jump off with him.
Next time you listen to Tony Snow talk about this administration, notice how he includes himself in the decision making. "We" belieive or "We" know or "We" want. I can't help but think how delusional this man is, along with his boss. Two peas in a pod, wondering aimlessly as they try to force acceptance and love from a country who quite litterly, wishes it had never heard of them.
Surely they can buy affection from the whores they do business with but for the remainder of America, bush and snow are losers, parading as something they're not, while at the same time, putting America into further debt and harms way on all levels. Snow is bush's pimp, selling the crap nobody wants. And bush is tony's whore.

At 12:12 PM, Blogger keninny said...

Thanks, Tim, I loved this lovely bit of background re. our princely Tony!


At 6:33 PM, Blogger Timcanhear said...

ken, I can't help it. whenever I think of these wingers it's all I can do to stop myself from using profanity. sometimes, profanity wins. And I LIKE it! lol

At 11:06 AM, Anonymous tombur said...

McClellan seemed pretty human in the interview. He actually has a sense of humor. Snow is just a hardline demagogue for his fanatics on the extreme right.


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