Thursday, January 18, 2007



"Most Americans say they want Congress to find a way to stop the troop increase." Is that clear Senator Biden? Is that clear to you, Senator Levin? Reid? Durbin? Democratic House Majority Leader Hoyer? It doesn't say they want you to send Bush a public rebuke or play political games so you can blame Bush after the escalation fails and more Americans are dead and more Iraqis are dead and we're at war with Iran and Syria and more Muslims hate America forever. Nonbinding symbolic resolutions are for Old School pols. The American public-- especially Democratic voters-- want real action, like Kennedy, Dodd, Murtha and Woolsey (and others who pay attention and get it) are suggesting.

Suicidal Republicans aren't going to go along. Let them be swept up in the tide of history, especially the quivering cowards like Norm Coleman. Bush tried to rally public support and he failed-- spectacularly, like he's failed again and again in Iraq while many Democratic senators were content to sound grumpy and do nothing. This is serious, very serious. Time to stop playing politics. McCain may have just finished his shot at the presidency ("The poll also shows the potential saliency of the war in the 2008 presidential elections, especially for Senator John McCain of Arizona, a frontrunner for the Republican nomination. A plurality of self-defined moderates and independents, a key McCain constituency, said his advocacy of a troop escalation even larger than the one Bush has announced makes them less likely to support him if he runs for the White House.") Good; now build on that and forget the political games and end this escalation. Don't let Bush expand the war into Iran and bring our troops home and let the Iraqis deal with their own civil war.

The Center For American Progress has set up a site that shows how every single senator and every single congressman is dealing with Bush's plans to follow the McCain/Lieberman escalation policies. Many refuse to commit themselves-- they are after all, politicians with their own circle in Hell awaiting them. But many have come out for and against and if your congresscritter has you can tell him "good job; do more" or you can tell him you'll fire his ass next time you get the chance.


At 10:45 AM, Blogger cybermome said...

I'm going to DC for the peace march on Sat and to lobby on Monday. People lobbying participated in a conference call with Maxine Waters. A couple of interesing things were said by her.Some of those Dems we elected ( no names) are getting a little heady and scared to vote anti war..She said the March could not come at a better time and will serve as a " reminder" to those waivering Dems why they were elected. She said competing leglisation is also good: its another reminder...
And the third thing she said was that she would like nothing better than to impeach Bush. And to please speak about impeachment to our elected officials

At 2:39 PM, Blogger MEC said...

On Fox News Sunday today, Sen. Levin explained why he's co-sponsoring a "nonbinding resolution" and not taking stronger action: We can't afford to introduce a resolution or bill opposing the escalation, and lose the vote. BushCo would immediately trumpet it as "The American people support what I'm doing." Levin described the nonbinding resolution as a "first step". It occurred to me that he's suggesting the Democrats can use the same tactic Bush used against Saddam: pass a resolution they know Bush will defy; when they've made the point that Bush is acting like the U.S. is a dictatorship not a democracy, they can use his defiance as justification for stronger action.

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