Thursday, November 30, 2006

Update from Howie: Well, uh . . . actually, we've got nothing, but rest assured, we're keeping our ears open

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Readers who scour the comments to DWT posts will have noticed that the proprietor made a special guest appearance yesterday commenting on Mags's piece on Barack Obama.

This actually exhausts our knowledge. We should, however, be coming up on one of the more dramatic legs of the journey: the Incursion Into Paraguay--armed with not much more support materials than an old Russian-language map. (And no, he doesn't read the Cyrillic alphabet.) From his initial researches, it seemed distinctly as if Paraguay doesn't exactly welcome outsiders with open arms, and his inquiries at the consulate in L.A. seemed to indicate a distinct lack of enthusiasm for discussing the subject that interested us most: the recently disclosed Bush land holdings in the country.

Naturally we're looking forward to a full report on those holdings. Or, alternatively (and even more dramatically), to news that Paraguayan authorities have detained a suspected American spy. Of course, if Paraguay's intelligence service takes the same approach to "enemy combatants" as its U.S. counterparts, it's possible that we may never hear from him again.


At 1:16 AM, Blogger ordinaryperson said...

I bet you never thought you'd see the day that you wonder whether Paraguay has more respect for civil liberties than America.

At 9:24 AM, Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

I´m still in Buenos Aires, polishing my rusty Spanish and getting into the tempo of life here before heading off into the interior (as well as Uruguay and, of course, Paraguay). I´ve been jotting down a few observations at my travel blog but so far there is no news on the Bush land grab other than the fact that everyone down here is completely aware of it.

A couple weeks ago the Bush twins ventured into Buenos Aires´ hipster San Telmo district to celebrate their birthdays and, being their father´s daughters, got drunk out of their skulls and... robbed. This drew attention to the fact that the two of them have been hanging out in dull, dull Paraguay. It also drew attention, at least in the minds of Porteños, that if Bush can´t even protect his two drunken brats, how can he protect anyone or anything in Iraq.

Anyway, I´ve made virtually no headway on finding out where exactly that Bush estate is in Paraguay; everyone has a different theory. But if you look at the map Ken provided you´ll notice that there´s a great big space north and west of the capital. Vaguely known as The Chaco, it encompasses over 60% of Paraguay´s land mass and has around 3% of the population-- as well as a whole lot of illiteracy, poverty and lawlessness. Sounds about right for anyone we know?

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