Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Quote of the day: Holy Joe Lieberman hires a soulmate--another self-promoting ideologue who'll say whatever it takes to get his name in the papers


"Jewish mothers do not raise their Jewish sons to work for the Christian Coalition."
--Marshall Wittmann, newly hired by Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman as his spokesman, and described by the New York Times's Mike Leibovich as "a Trotskyite turned Zionist turned Reaganite turned bipartisan irritant turned pretty much everything in between--including chief lobbyist for the Christian Coalition, the only Jew who has ever held that position"

The last U.S. senator the 53-year-old Wittmann worked for, by the way, was "Straight Talkin'" John McCain, to whom he apparently retains strong emotional ties--even if working for McCain meant that he couldn't plaster his own pithy quotes all over the media the way he seems to like. Straight-Talkin' John likes to plaster his own pith. As of course does Holy Joe. So it looks like it's back in the shadows for our Marshall.

Also by the way, we are hearing unquieting reports that Senator Lieberman may face a threat for political control of the Connecticut for Lieberman Party, including startling word that at least one voter in the state has actually registered as a member of the party. This could be enough to tip the balance of power, since it appears that no one else, not even the senator himself, bothered to join CFL, the party that sent him back to Washington after Connecticut Democrats said "Thanks, but no thanks" to his reelection bid in this year's primary.

Of course, in reality it was all those Republican votes that saved Holy Joe's senatorial behind. Still, we know that his real emotional roots are with those loyal CFL voters who stood by him in his Time of Troubles.

Could there perhaps be a "Lieberman for Connecticut" Party in Holy Joe's future? One well-informed Nutmeg State pol, who preferred to remain anonymous on account of he may find it professionally necessary "to kiss the lying old fart's butt," expressed doubt. ""Connecticut for Lieberman' was a big enough stretch," he said. "It was not only arrogant in the extreme but more than faintly ridiculous. However, 'Lieberman for Connecticut' is just plain preposterous."


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