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Even the extreme right wing Allen partisans are gnashing their teeth and rending their sackclothes over Allen's pathetic performance at today's "Meet the Press" debate. As partisan a hack as Dean Barnett-- on Hugh Hewitt's fever swamp of neo-fascist wingnuttery-- seems to feel that if enough Virginia's make up their minds based on today's debate, there'll be one more Democrat Bush and his rubber stampers have to contend with after January. "For conservatives wishing for Allen to retain his seat," writes Barnett, "their best hope is that Virginians were otherwise occupied this morning or that the state’s NBC outlets were having technical difficulties... Webb outclassed Allen in every aspect of the clash." In fact, Barnett was so impressed with Webb and so dismayed with Allen's maladroit bumbling and sheer stupidity that he ends his story with an acknowledgment that although the Far Right he shills for is desperate to hold on to the Virginia senate seat for partisan reasons, "I can imagine far worse things than having a man like James Webb in the Senate."

I haven't spoken to a single person who watched "Meet The Press" this morning who would disagree that James Webb would make a far better senator, for Virginia and for America, than the weak, pathetic Allen. Even progressives uncomfortable with Webb's moderate political stance on most issues have no doubts that he would make a far better legislator than the racist imbecile who Boo Man calls "the Village Idiot of the U.S. Senate."

Although a few ultra-right partisans are trying to put on a happy face, most people would agree with the analysis offered on Webb's Born Fighting Campaign Blog that he wiped the floor with Allen. "The contrast in leadership and command of the issues was repeatedly on display today in the second debate between Jim Webb and George Allen with Webb showing a detailed command on a host of issues while Allen continuously dodged moderator Tim Russert’s questions. While Webb offered a detailed plan for how to deal with the Iraq war and said he would support Senator John Warner’s interrogation legislation, Allen would not say whether he felt we needed more troops in Iraq; he refused to take a position on Warner’s legislation; and he refused to say that had he known weapons of mass destruction would not be found in Iraq, he would have taken a different position on the war."


At 4:47 PM, Anonymous skeptical brotha said...


It occurs to me after watching yesterday's debate, why black folk, when given a choice, opt for black representation.

At least then, we are all on the same page with our representative. We ain't got to 'splain nothin'.

We all know what the deal is.

If the whole Macaca incident wasn't a gift from the almighty, then I don't know what is.

What does Jim do?

The functional equivalent of stepping on his own dick with that Affirmative Action is "state sponsored racism" and then flubbing a direct answer to the VMI question which was just as critical to female voters. The tenor of his past comments about female vets are sexist in the extreme. I didn't hear a categorical disavowal.

The poor fool is tone-deaf. Why should all of the commonwealth, and the nation have to put up with six more years of an insincere bigot because Jim Webb doesn't understand the rules of engagement to this latest battle?

Rule number one: Be pro-Israel or fake it.

Rule number two: Don't question Affirmative Action. Pretend you "get it" and understand what the last 50 years have been about.

Rule number three: Don't forget the first damn two.

Let's also not forget that Allen claimed to have made up the word Macaca. That is a bold-faced lie. It is a damn ethnic slur and he knew that when he directed it toward that boy on Webb's campaign.

He totally undermined the most powerful argument for his election which is his position on the war. The world really needs to hear this man's rationale for opposing the Iraq War because he is the biggest threat to it's continuation if he wins.

It's a damn shame because Democrats coulda had this seat.


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