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Today's Sunday Times, the London one, has a noteworthy article by Tony Allen-Mills reporting about the exposed foibles of politicians' children. The billionaire robber-baron Frist family, deservedly, gets the brunt of it. Allen-Mills accepts Frists' fake demeanor as a man of "sober rectitude," instead of explaining that he's a grubby pol who has aggressively used his political position to enrich himself and his family by destroying the American health care system. But the "sober rectitude" persona helps paint a contrast with the pack of wild, savage, drunken spoiled racist brats he and his wife have raised.

"The same cannot be said of his son Jonathan, a Vanderbilt University student who recently appeared on the Internet wearing six cans of beer strapped to his belt. Nor has Jonathan's brother Bryan done much to help his father's attempts to strike a reasonable note about U.S. involvement in Iraq. 'I was born an American by God's amazing grace,' wrote Bryan Frist in an online profile. 'Let's bomb some people.'" Yes, the acorn hasn't fallen far at all, even though these turds haven't been polished up yet.

"Frist is one of at least half a dozen US politicians-- and at least one US Supreme Court judge-- whose public images have been dented in recent months by the Internet antics of their offspring. Pictures of scantily clad daughters whooping it up have become a staple of Internet gossip." Allen-Mills doesn't mention the more serious daughter scandals involving crooked Republican solons using their daughters as part of their crime operations, the way Curt Weldon (R-PA) and Conrad Burns (R-MT) have (not to mention GOP crime wave syndicate chieftain Tom DeLay).

But, as mildly funny as the story about GOP discomfiture might be, it isn't really a serious look into the blatant hypocrisy and criminality of what today's Republican Party has devolved into. "The popularity of teenage networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook is proving a goldmine for political bloggers keen to compare the pious proclamations of candidates running for office with the blogs and picture-sharing websites maintained by their children. No sooner had Congressman Louie Gohmert, a conservative Republican from Texas, unleashed a tirade against the moral inadequacies of Democrats opposed to the war in Iraq, than someone found Internet pictures of his daughter Caroline dancing on a bartop and posing with a man in his underpants." Cute.

At least the Frist crew's embarrassment is something a little weightier and more thought-provoking. I mean there is every reason to believe that these boys are destined to turn into future George Allens, if not the monstrosity their own father is. Jonathan Frist has been in and out of the papers for drunk driving, underage driving, racism and anti-Semitism.

Roll Call, the Washington insiders' newspaper published on Capitol Hill, recently reported that Jonathan Frist's Facebook entry declared him a member of the "Jonathan Frist appreciation for 'Waking Up White People' Group." It also mentioned a group where there were "No Jews allowed. Just kidding. No seriously."

Hometown newspapers, appropriately, took it more seriously than they take the stories about political offspring using drugs and booze and screwing their brains out-- the way the Bush family spawn do all the time. "Errant children have long been a fact of Washington political life, but have rarely caused any lasting scandal. Bush was untroubled by the underage drinking exploits of his twin daughters Jenna and Barbara. The president's brother, Governor Jeb Bush of Florida, was not seriously damaged when his daughter Noelle was arrested on drug charges. His son John was arrested for having sex in a car in a shopping centre car park. The U.S. media has in the past treated adolescent follies as largely a private matter, but the mushrooming trend towards public self-exposure on the Internet is beginning to make life a misery for celebrities with children who blog."


At 12:51 PM, Blogger Timcanhear said...

Racist hilljacks in Tennessee.
Ya know, everbody has some hillbilly in them, even a good gypsy will find a string or two of incest but these kids there in the Frist camp, it'll be fun to watch them expose the family traits.

At 12:59 PM, Blogger Alicia said...

Spoiled little piglets. Well, of course, how much 'family time' do these pols actually get with their kids? Not too damn much, I'll bet. 'Family values' my big fat white ass. The only 'value' these people hold dear is the Almighty Dollar.

At 2:47 PM, Anonymous jerryb said...

These kids are a great example of the rot that exist at the core of the power elite. Normally I wouldn't give a rats ass what their kids do. For the most part I think families should be out of bounds except that the Right has used family as a weapon against the left. Except for the fact that the Right has spent years telling us that the left was nothing but a bunch of degenerate, long hair commie type pinko fags who probably all got commie flags tacked up on the wall in our garages. Sound familiar?

Which reminds me. Have you noticed how much of the music we grew up with is still relevent today. I was listening to Chicago's "Where do we go from here". That was written in the 60's and it could have been about today. I've experienced time after time listening to something and realizing it still applied.

This wasn't what I started to post about but when I think of how much we haven't done I feel like weeping. I was born in 1960 so I grew up hearing about the promise of the future but its all gone away. I may have been only three but I remember where I was when Jack was shot. Then Bobby and Martin. From then on all the promise of the future began to slip away.

The music of the time that was real reflected what we were feeling.Our hope but also our sense of betrayal. Our uncertainty about the future as well as the present. The best protest songs of the 60's and 70's, unfortunatly, still resonate today because we still see the same mistakes made. They're dressed up a little different but they are the same. Huburous, arrogance selfishness, lust for power,self-righteousness...

I wonder how much longer the insanity can go on. It's like the man said."We all must come together, not just out of fear".


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