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A devoted DWT reader made a great offer today. He wants to put up a grand worth of matching money at the ACT BLUE Page. So we got into a little discussion about which candidates he wants to do it for. The first thing he said was something like "I love Busby too but she's got her race in the bag so let's direct the money towards candidates who really need it."

Well, I'm sure Karl Rove would love that kind of talk-- and thought. Francine's poll numbers and trends look good and her money flow is decent. But it's a solidly Republican district and even though Bilbray is a corrupt lobbyist and is seen by many in the district as a potential Cunningham, the GOP is dumping unprecedented money into a well-coordinated smear campaign against her. Rove isn't called the lowest lowlife in the history of American politics for nothing. This is totally not the time to give up on Francine's campaign. A week from tomorrow people go to the polls. And then she has to do it all over again-- albeit as an incumbent-- 5 months later!

Meanwhile the story circulating from U.S. News & World Report today, could be good news or could be a plant. Steady, unblinking, eyes-on-the-prize extra effort is what's called for now, not slacking off. If the report-- that the Repugs are crapping their pants-- is true, fine. But so what? This race will be won when the last recounted vote is counted and the last dirty trick is countered.

This stuff shouldn't effect what anyone inside or outside the campaign has been planning. The Republicans will stop at nothing to derail Francine. This is the time to redouble efforts. If you can afford it... you know the drill. And if this kind of stuff titillates you, enjoy:

Staffers from the National Republican Congressional Committee are quietly telling GOP House members to prepare for a possible loss in the June 6 special election to fill the seat of Randy "Duke" Cunningham, now in prison for taking bribes. The Southern California district is heavily Republican, but some GOP insiders believe that Democrat Francine Busby will defeat former GOP Rep. Brian Bilbray and go on to win a full term in November. More alarming some worry that a Bilbray defeat could signal the GOP's loss of control of the House. The NRCC has already pumped $3.1 million into the race. "It is becoming more and more likely," says one GOP strategist, "that Bilbray will squeak out a victory." But another longtime Republican operative isn't so sure. "This is a district we should never lose," he says. "It's the stink of Cunningham, and the Bush problem."

Oh, you mean Cheney's visit to the district didn't sweeten the smell and rally the troops? His mindboggling approval rating didn't rub off on Bilbray? Or maybe it did.


At 11:04 AM, Blogger Ona said...

This race is going to be spectacularly close -- every vote is going to count. If you want to help out with GOTV from June 3 to the election, sign up for a shift at
We need all the help we can get -- we're getting a really positive resposne on the ground; now it's just a matter of getting those people to the polls!


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