Thursday, May 25, 2006



Bush claims he had some kind of a Saul-on-road-to-Damascus moment that solved his debilitating snow problem some time ago. And now that he's hired Fox "News" propagandist Tony Snow, he's figured out a way to rid himself of his other Snow problem. I mean who needs two Snows in one Regime? And it was getting taxing for poor Bush's over-stressed brain-- and you don't want anything taxing anywhere near anything to do with the Treasury Department! CNBC reported today that Treasury Secretary John Snow is leaving the Regime in a few weeks. Although Fox "News," rumored to have some connections inside the secretive and increasingly paranoid White House, is also reporting that Snow will be gone by mid-June, apparently neither Cheney nor Bolten nor whoever makes the deck chair arrangements has bothered to tell the Bozo-in-Chief yet. "He has not talked to me about resignation. I think he is doing a fine job. Our economy is strong." Sure it is, Bozo-- especially if you own an oil company.

Snow took over in early 2003 after Paul O'Neill grew increasingly disenchanted with the inherent dishonesty that had already permeated the whole Cheney Bush Regime and resigned or was fired. Snow has sucked up all the Regime's catastrophic pseudo economic policies but Bush or someone there wants a true believer for the job. No, that doesn't mean they'll be doing an extensive search of the graduating classes of Bible colleges in the next few weeks. He has a nutcase right in the house who has threatened to leave the Regime if Cheney didn't get rid of Snow before July and give him the job: the hapless Snow's cutthroat colleague, Deputy Secretary of State Robert Zoellick.

That name sounds familiar? He's one of those shady characters in the background whenever really bad decisions have been made in the last decade or so. Perhaps you saw the list-- that should one day be a war crimes indictment list-- of the folks who started this whole fascist/NeoCon Project For A New American Century. Along with household nitemares like Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Abrams, Kristol, Bolton and Armitage, Zoellick was on that one too. Toni Solo had an apt description of Zoellick in a COUNTERPUNCH piece he wrote in 2003. "Zoellick is a superb and practised faith-based con-man. Preaching free trade, he trails a long history of private business interests in predatory multinational corporations like Vivendi, Enron, Goldman Sachs, Alliance Capital and SAID Holdings, the Bermuda-based South African patent and copyright security specialists. His outlook melds seamlessly into the Bush regime's deliberate confusion of the wishes of their rule-bending plutocrat buddies with the interests of the United States people."

Please take your seat promptly, Mr. Zoellick. And strap youself in tightly. The Titanic may be in for a little chop.


At 7:40 AM, Blogger cogboy said...

and now bush just got hayden to the top of the c.i. fuckin' a!!!
this is the same guy responsible for the dismissal of the gay arabic translators at the nsa. he's no expert in so called "humint" yet he advocated the stealing of all our personal communication data. if he was serious about "gitten them turrist," (aka finding the "real" killers...) he might have kept on board, the only folks who could actually decipher all the true valid threats. and how is it that if you fuck up at nsa during 9/11, you can still get a job running cia? brownie's a shoe in for fbi...


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