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According to an L.A. Times poll out this morning, 48% of Americans-- even after all we've gone through and ARE going through in Iraq-- would support the Bush Regime's military plans in Iran IF they can be convinced Bush and Cheney and Condi and Rummy and the whole pack of liars are telling the truth about Iran making nuclear weapons. The same poll shows that at this point 54% of Americans feel that Bush will make the "wrong decision."

What does Bush want in Iran? It is clearly not about nuclear weapons. BushCo is lying about that-- lying as clearly as they lied about Saddam buying yellowcake in Niger. In an extensive interview with Amy Goodman, the man who broke the story about Bush's military plans in Iran, Sy Hersh, claims this is all about BushCo's obsession with Iranian regime change. The U.S. military and U.S. allies are all skeptical about Bush wanting to go after Iran in order to bring out regime change. Anyone who believes that a man who has systematically destroyed democracy in Florida and Ohio so he could seize office in Washington has any real interest in spurious claims about "spreading democracy" in the Middle East. Oil, of course is another matter. Iran has an awful lot of that too.

The 48% the L.A. Times found even thinking about supporting Bush's war plans scares the bejezus out of me. But just like Condi, with her "mushroom cloud over an American city" predictions fabrications in the run-up to the attack and occupation of Iraq, frightened people into believing we were going to war in self-defense (exactly what Hitler and Goebbels convinced the German people they were doing when they invaded Poland and Condi and Bush used Goebbel's playbook with practiced alacrity), today they have come up with "Iran could build a nuclear weapon in 16 days." This is patently false-- as they know. Josh Micah Marshall keeps track of the intricacies of how BushCo wages the propaganda war against reality in this matter and the Center For American Progress has all the actual facts about how long it will take Iran to build nuclear weapons IF they are planning to.

Others think that at this point oil, democracy, a nuclear-free Iran, terrorism, regime change... they're all fine but what the Bush Regime really cares about over and above all the rest is just political power. (just like the Iranian Regime). Not even political power on the world stage so much as political power to continue plucking dominating the richest turkey nation on earth. Think back to before Bush stole the 2000 election in Florida and how people were worried about a couple of oilmen running the country. What's happened since then? The wealthy no longer pay taxes and Americans pay BILLIONS AND BILLIONS more per year in oil (gasoline and heating fuel and related costs). That's the Bush economy: a redistribution of wealth from the masses to... the oil companies. It was predicted in 1999. BushCo doesn't want to give that lucrative situation up and if it takes a couple of wars-- hey it's our kids and a bunch of towelheads who are dying, not their kids or even their kind (who can always be counted on, like Bush and Cheney themselves to be cowardly and unpatriotic)-- why should they care? Wars make money too-- for them.

And still just 2 or 3 of our Democratic senators back Russ Feingold's moderate-- too moderate-- censure resolution. No wonder the Bush Regime thinks they can get away with this kind of stuff-- they can! People wonder why there was a low turn-out in recent key elections in Illinois and California. Maybe if people thought Democrats as a party would stand up against Bush-- rally stand up against him-- they would turn out to vote. Instead we see Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Joe Lieberman, Evan Bayh, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama too scared, too lame, too corrupted by Washington power, and too obsessed with triangulation to even approach the thresh-hold of leadership. None of these people are fit to be leaders, not of the Democratic Party anyway.


At 7:18 PM, Blogger Timcanhear said...

The last paragraph of the essay say's it all my friends. Read it again and weep. There is no opposition PARTY that has the balls to stand up for Americanism against fascism. Hillary is an opportunist, Biden is a snake oil salesman and it only gets worse from there. Except for Feingold, Kennedy, Feinstein and Boxer, the dem party is a big tent with nothing in it and nobody home.


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