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Mike Rogers over at blogACTIVE has been unwavering in his stance that closeted gay legislators who do active harm to gay men and women should be loudly outed. His biggest coup to date was the on-line outing of far right homophobe ex-congressman Ed Schrock (R-VA) two years ago, just before the elections (which forced the gay-bashing closet case to "retire"). He has also written extensively on other anti-gay gays in the congress (California's David Dreier, Jim McCrery from Louisiana and Florida's Mark Foley) as well as loads of gay anti-gay Republican operatives (from high level aides of rabidly homophobic senators like Santorum's Robert Traynham, Inhofe's Jonathan Tolman, half George Allen's office, Frist's Linus Catignani, to senior GOP policy staff like Ken Mehlman, Dan Gurley and Jay Banning over at the RNC, Israel Hernandez and Jeff Berkowitz at the White House, and key Republican propagandists Matt Drudge, Armstrong Williams, Lee LaHaye and John Schlafley).

Well yesterday Mike got all worked up over an as yet unnamed Republican senator, presumably Lindsey Graham-- though that's just my guess-- who was voting to confirm Scalito, no friend of equal protection for gays and lesbians. Mike writes a letter to Graham the unnamed senator that starts " Tomorrow you will be faced with a vote that may have the longest aftereffects of any other you have cast in your Senate career. Tomorrow you will decide if your political position is worth more than doing what is right for others like you. For others like you, Mr. Senator, who engage in oral sex with other men. (Although, Mr. Senator, most of us don't do in the bathrooms of Union Station!) Your fake marriage, by the way, will NOT protect you from the truth being told on this blog."

Mike mentions that it's a Republican (which leaves out the cloture-supporting Herb Kohl, the Wisconsin Democrat) and since Lincoln Chafee had already announced he would vote "no" on Scalito, I'm assuming it isn't him. So, unless some other closet case who I don't know about-- and there are always rumors, mostly undependable and not worth mentioning-- we'll have to wait for the announcement about Lindsey Graham the unnamed senator on blogActive. I'll get back to you.

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