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Everyone I talk to about corrupt right-wing congressmen Jerry Lewis' and Randy "Duke" Cunningham's sweetheart deals with campaign contributors (and bribers) that saw the exchange of large amounts of cash for Pentagon contracts (greased thru by their House Defense Appropriations SubCommittee), wants to know if the materials sold to the military were faulty (everyone BUT the L.A. TIMES). Yesterday a Jacksonville paper, the Florida Times-Union, reported on a case that doesn't touch on the Cheney/Halliburton corruption or the Cunningham/MZM corruption, but is nonetheless noteworthy for what is bound to show up more and more as time goes by and more and more war-profiteering scams are uncovered.

In an article called "Bogus military suppliers sentenced," Paul Pinkham reports that "2 Florida men who bid on hundreds of military supply contracts were sentenced Monday to federal prison for providing the military with at least $4 million in fraudulent electronic parts -- many of which government officials said impeded U.S. troops at war in Iraq." The 2 criminals, Horace Christopher Daughtrey, 28, and George Searcy, 36, of St. Johns County had "pleaded guilty to conspiring to defraud the Department of Defense after discovering it doesn't check backgrounds and accepts bids online for supply contracts worth less than $100,000, prosecutors said. They admitted shipping thousands of non-working parts for various military equipment to the Defense Supply Center in Columbus, Ohio. When military officials discovered a problem with one of their shipments, Daughtrey and Searcy simply changed company names and kept bidding, Assistant U.S. Attorney Dale Campion said. The fraud interfered with military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan, where troops waited for components for broken equipment such as night-vision goggles and aircraft instruments, only to face further delays when the non-working parts arrived, said Thomas Goad a quality assurance specialist at the Columbus center."

This is only one of many Florida-based scam operations seeking to profiteer by cheating the military that is under investigation, according to the Defense Department. Of course this is small potatoes compared to what has been coming out of Halliburton, where BILLIONS of dollars are being ripped off by major GOP donors. Presumably at some point when DeLay and Jerry Lewis and other arch criminals are removed from power, Congressman Henry Waxman will be able to get on with the job of investigating the major war profiteers, and their political partners, are bringing them to Justice.


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Cheney's American Failures Through Amendments
Corporate America's Financial Tyranny Amendment

It shouldn't be a surprise to the American people that the bug eyed, big-eared Ross Perot warned Americans that not only was Bush Sr. wrong for America but so was the Clintons (yes both of them) idealistic NAFTA supporting Moderation.
You see, I know there are thousands of American farmers being forced off their land by Beaser, Pulte, Land Bankers of America, and various other rogue interest groups that think housing is a better investment than farming, but I personally find this an Abomination. Its unclean. Its against Christian values and Christian teaching. You should know, as a bible beating Christian, that God said to cultivate the land, ensure its harvest, wait patiently for the bounties through its growth. Land bankers and corporations, Cheney and Bush, The Republican party in GENERAL doesn't give a damn whether the earth burns up tomorrow or now. They don't mind that the only leg up on China that we have is the ability to grow more food and " fuel" than they do. They don't mind if Unocal were to sell to the Chinese because after all , they make so much more oil on say... Mars? People. This country has been under attack since the year 2000. I honestly thought the turn of the millennium would bring better things. I was wrong. It turns out, the apocalypse began just like the Christians said it would. I know this because I feel like I live in hell everyday this mindless savage beating on Americans takes place by corporate interests in taking more land, paying less wages and encouraging the Chinese to become our next biggest fear. How else would this country run if it didn't have FEAR?


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