Thursday, November 05, 2020

Did You Know That Every Single Blue Dog Candidate Was Defeated On Tuesday-- Even Though The DCCC Spent Millions On Their Races?



"A GOP Senate would mean the end of the Biden-Bernie Sanders 'unity' agenda. No death to the legislative filibuster, no new U.S. states, no Supreme Court packing, no confiscatory tax increases, no Green New Deal. If Mr. Biden wins and he wants to get something done, he would have to go through Mitch the Knife." For normal people, this sounds like the worst kind of post-election woe-is-me scenario. But to the editors of the Wall Street Journal, it's like Ian Drury and the Blockheads' one hit song and a reason to celebrate. "Pelosi," they smirked, will keep her majority, but much reduced from 232-197. The GOP flipped two seats in South Florida amid a surge of Hispanic turnout and toppled 15-year Rep. Collin Peterson in western Minnesota. Republicans had picked up a net five seats by Wednesday afternoon and could gain as many as 12 or 13. They regained seats they’d lost in 2018 in Cedar Rapids, Charleston (SC), and Oklahoma City."

Obviously, they didn't mention that the losing candidates were all crap and that there demise helps unify the Democrats in a more progressive direction. There are at least half a dizen other Blue Dogs and New Dems also on the verge of defeat and that that also makes the Democratic party stronger, not weaker. One Democratic congressman praying for the loss of Anthony Brindisi (Blue Dog chair in NY-22, who is currently losing with 43.4% of the vote-- 80% counted) told me that Brindisi's "constant whining" prevented House Democrats from moving forward with anything remotely progressive. "He never ceased to cry that we would be make it impossible for him to be reelected... Everything was through that lens... Cynthia Tenney is a right-wing ideologue who, unlike Brindisi, will have no impact on what our conference does in the House. I'd rather see her in the seat than Brindisi."

The Journal editors assert that these losses-- including other reactionary Blue Dogs and New Dems from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party "will reduce Mrs. Pelosi’s legislative running room and perhaps test her party control. Her strategy of refusing to compromise on a Covid-19 relief bill may have cost seats, and now she’ll have a harder time getting a blue-state and union bailout through the Senate. If Mr. Biden wins, the GOP will be better poised to retake the House in 2022." Or maybe the exact opposite. Losses of fake Democratic careerists like Brindisi, Kendra Horn (OK), Xochitl Torres Small (NM), Max Rose (NY), Joe Cunningham (SC), Abby Finkenauer (IA), Collin Peterson (MN)-- as well as for virtually all the Blue Dog and New Dem candidates the DCCC and House Majority PAC wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on-- will allow the Democrats to better define themselves, if they choose to, as a vehicle for the legitimate interests of working families, rather than as the other party of corporate whores.

In her hometown paper this morning, San Francisco Chronicle reporters Tal Kopan and John Wildermuth asserted that "the surprising loss of several front-line Democrats in battleground seats raised questions for Speaker Nancy Pelosi about her leadership of the caucus." Some House Dems are asking her to account for the Cheri Bustos disaster. Kopan and Wildermuth wrote that "Pelosi is not directly responsible for the campaign strategy, though she wields heavy influence. She sets the party’s agenda and the tone for party messaging. Democratic lawmakers directly select their DCCC chair. In a joint news conference on election day, Pelosi had sounded confident and praised DCCC chair Rep. Cheri Bustos of Illinois for her fundraising, strategy and candidate recruitment. '[Tonight, House Democrats are poised to further strengthen our majority ... thanks to you, Madame Chair,' Pelosi said... Many Democrats said they still supported Pelosi’s leadership, but that the party will have to figure out what went wrong."

Beyond backing the crap conservative incumbents who lost their seats, the DCCC's biggest independent expenditures this cycle were done, overwhelmingly, on behalf of conservative candidates backed by the Blue Dogs and New Dems. DCCC and House Majority PAC expenditures are still being reported and it will be another week before we can do an accurate systematic audit but look at these races the DCCC (and Pelosi-- let me just refer to the expenditures of both the DCCC and her House Majority PAC , for the sake of this post, as "the DCCC") chose to spend big in-- at the expense of progressive candidates like Mike Siegel, Julie Oliver, Mondaire Jones, Liam O'Mara, Adam Christensen, Audrey Denney, etc, who they chose to not spend any money at all on.
TX-22 (open seat- Republican Troy Nehls vs Blue Dog Sri Kulkarni)- $7,310,059
NJ-02 (Republican Rep. Jeff Van Drew vs New Dem Amy Kennedy)- $6,466,505
NY-02 (open seat- Republican Andrew Garbarino vs Blue Dog Jackie Gordon)- $5,755,272
OH-01 (Republican Rep. Steve Chabot vs New Dem Kate Schroder)- $5,459,139
MN-01 (Republican Rep. Jim Hagedorn vs New Dem Dan Feehan)- $5,167,169
PA-10 (Republican Rep. Scott Perry vs Blue Dog Eugene DePasquale)- $4,467,203
MO-02 (Republican Rep. Ann Wagner vs New Dem Jill Schupp)- $4,455,799
IN-05 (open seat- Republican Victoria Spartz vs Blue Dog Christina Hale)- $4,280,277
PA-01 (Republican Rep Brian Fitzpatrick vs New Dem Christina Finello)- $2,794,118
All of these heavily-financed Democratic candidates lost (or are losing). Hundreds of millions of dollars were wasted. Someone has to answer for that and Democrats had better figure out a way how of finally disgarding the Rahm Emanuel anti-progressive approach to running the DCCC and come up with a better way. Jamie Raskin would make a great chairman-- unlike Bustos, he's brilliant and fair and actually believes in what the Democratic Party stands for and isn't embarrassed to fight for it.

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At 1:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what utter nonsense!

"...the losing candidates were all crap and that there demise helps unify the Democrats in a more progressive direction."

as long as pelo$i lead$ the hou$e democrap$, they will never move anywhere but further right.

What they can and will do is to pass "bills" that are really campaign ads because they know that moscow's bitch won't let them proceed in the $enate. But that does NOT equate to the democrap$ ever unifying in a progressive direction.

I'm seeing the rationalization forming up here again... how DWT will continue to kvetch about the democrap party being pure shit but still begging for money and votes for more democraps.

congrats. you'll continue to be part of the problem.

At 5:51 PM, Anonymous Tracy B Ann said...

Great article. The Democratic Party needs to take a big jump to the left and if they can't figure that out, well, I don't know.

My only quibble with this piece is that I don't believe Ian Dury and had "one hit". In my opinion they had a lot of them!

At 6:45 PM, Blogger CNYOrange said...

I live in Brindisi's district. Commercial after commercial about how he could work with republicans to get things done. I did vote for him (I couldn't help myself) but also, fuck him.

At 10:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Corporatism requires a right-wing dominance. There is no moving the democrats any further to the Left.

Hold up a 12" scale (Ask Great-grandma, kiddies. Great-grampa doesn't remember anymore). The Overton Window laid over that scale would show the Republicans on the right edge at 12, with the "Democrats" at about 9.

Most of the public ranges across 5 to 7.

And that is just fine with corporatists, who are now going to shift the effort from taking total control over the entire nation to exploiting it for their gain at your expense.

Die For Profit$.

At 6:20 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At 2:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the democraps are at 9.75 (they only need to embrace hate a little more enthusiastically).

And the public that ranges from zero to 9.75 (who don't hate quite so much) all vote for the democraps, if they vote at all. Most of them in that range do NOT vote. guess why!

the overton window only migrates when voters demand it. remember that kids.

Good comment, 10:43.


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