Thursday, August 27, 2020

You Know In Your Heart That the Day of Real Resistance Is Coming


by Thomas Neuburger

A general strike counts as real resistance.
—Yours truly

The next horrific murders are upon us. In the bland reporting of the New York Times:
Arrest in Overnight Shooting During Unrest in Kenosha, Wis.

An Illinois resident was arrested in violence that occurred during a confrontation between demonstrators and a group of men armed with guns as protests continued over the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

KENOSHA, Wis. — An Illinois resident has been arrested in connection to a shooting that left two people dead and another person wounded during a chaotic night of demonstrations over the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wis., officials said on Wednesday.

A court document from Lake County, Ill., shows that Kyle Rittenhouse, 17, was arrested in Antioch, Ill., on Wednesday morning after being charged with first degree intentional homicide in the fatal shooting that took place only hours earlier. (emphasis added)
The Times report portrays the event as "chaotic," and it's filled with details like this: "Tuesday evening was spent in a shifting, hourslong standoff between the police and protesters. Protesters assembled outside a newly erected metal barrier protecting the courthouse and threw water bottles, rocks and fireworks at the police."

As we'll see, the event was a lot less chaotic than it was reported to be. The order behind the chaos was cops appearing to work with the right-wing thugs to suppress the actual protesters.

Kyle Rittenhouse

This brings us to the shooter, Kyle Rittenhouse.

According to the Huffington Post report of the incident, "Police are investigating a group of men with guns who were lined up outside businesses a few blocks down the road from the courthouse, according to The New York Times. Ostensibly, the vigilantes were there to “protect” businesses from fires that had been set during previous nights of demonstrations. Though Rittenhouse’s connection to vigilante groups is unclear, he was quoted before the shooting saying that he considers himself a militiaman and was willing to use his rifle to “protect” people and property."

And Rittenhouse was very pro-cop. "A now-deleted Facebook page that appears to belong to Rittenhouse featured almost exclusively pro-police imagery and photos of the suspect carrying guns. At some point, he changed his profile image to a “Blue Lives Matter” sign and held a fundraiser for a police nonprofit called “Humanizing The Badge." 

Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha (source)

"We're going to push them down by you, 'cause you can deal with them, and then we're going to leave"

What's missing from these reports, both of which whitewash police actions, are details like these:

and these (click through to the video to hear, "cops told us, we're going to push them down by you, 'cause you can deal with them"):

and these:

Even Rashida Tlaib understands what happened:

There are more reports like these, which, of course, will either go viral, or go unreported by the media most people read and listen to.

Systemic Change by Non-Systemic Means

It's more than obvious by now that cops are siding with right-wing thugs, using them even, against whoever stands with the protesters. When will this end?

It will never end by ordinary, electoral means...

...until those elections are backed by the kind of organized, 1960s-style movement... 

Mario Savio, leader of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, speaks to assembled students on December 7, 1964. (AP Photo / Robert W. Klein)

...that adds the critical mass of the people, chaotic and unruly, to the orderly exercise of power by elected officials who, frankly, with cops, also want the real left to lose.

The nation may not be to that point yet, but it's not far away. That's why big-media outlets like the New York Times want to paint these protests, all of them, as either "chaotic" or left-wing-violent only, and why they hide the state violence that incites and encourages those violent responses. A real left-wing movement — a 1960s-style revolt, a real rising of the people — is the stuff of nightmares for editors at the Times, and many of its readers as well.

Yet ... what will make a change that makes real change? Electing more Democrats? If they're the right ones, yes, that's needed but not enough.

Will the eighteenth protest after the thirtieth police murder of the hundredth or two-hundredth victim, black, brown or poor, of state-enforced austerity and racism — will that finally make a difference?

We've seen this movie. Trayvon Martin was murdered in 2012. How are things different today? What has America done since that sad day to make lives better and safer for the victims of our police — and the victims of the economic system that creates police victims?

I'll say it again:

You know in your hearts that the day of Real Resistance is coming.

How about now? 

A strike counts as resistance; AOC understands that. A general strike counts as real resistance. Will it take a general strike to make real change? If so, when should that start?

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At 9:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You Know In Your Heart That the Day of Real Resistance Is NEEDED"


With the recent exception of those who took to the streets to protest the police murder of George Floyd, only the Reich-wing manages to generate enough interest to create a crowd to protest. And they show up merely for the thrill that the cops will let them kill.

I guarantee that This Scene would not be happening today - at least not so peacefully.

I imagine these "militia" thugs are quite surprised that a 17-year-old punk with too much firepower was actually arrested and charged with what they clearly see as a "public service" akin to the Minutemen on Concord Green.

Everyone on the Reich from Trump down to the street cop welcomes the appearance of the American Freikorps, "our guys", because corporatism cannot function without authoritarian violence. Corporatism is no longer the choice of the average American as recent polls and protests reveal.

But corporatism holds the power, and they don't give a damn what the people think.

We will now see just how much people really care about what they have - and whether they will keep it.

Most will just let it be taken from them. There were no sheep or potted plants at Concord. That is about all we have to work with today.

At 11:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for 50 years to see a massive Civil Rights movement take center stage but we better wait a few more months. Just wait until late January to start a massive march on Washington and Nationwide general strike.

Right now it only helps Trump by feeding into the racist narrative of "violent leftist anarchists taking over our streets! Only Trump can keep you safe!" Protests are the fuel he needs to get frightened suburban whites to vote for him to "stop the anarchy." That's the only way he can win re-election and end American Democracy. If Trump wins, it will be too late -- he will simply call in the Army to crush all dissent. Who will stop him then? William Barr? His stooges on the S.Ct?

And they can accomplish nothing between now and November. All we need is to vote Trump out, and then when Biden and the Democrats start trying to backslide, which of course they will that's when taking to the streets will exert maximum pressure.

There's no point in protesting Trump now, he loves it and wants more of it. That way he can incite more neo-Nazi militia thugs to kill people and the corporate media will portray it as "left wing violence."

At 12:51 PM, Blogger Ten Bears said...

We dropped the ball then, what makes you think we'd pick it up again? No, we, our generation is responsible for this but it falls to another to clean it up.

Call someplace Paradise, kiss it goodbye ...

At 4:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TB, you are quite correct.

Thomas makes some good points, but totally misses others.

"Yet ... what will make a change that makes real change? Electing more Democrats? If they're the right ones, yes..."

NO, Thomas, electing more democraps won't ever help. It didn't in '92 and it REALLY didn't in 2008, even with FDR-sized majorities... because a vast majority of their majority are fascists.

And you and one responder seem to think that an electorate that has been made stupid and has been thoroughly cowed for 3 generations will elect their democrap party (for a change, thanks ONLY to the massive anti-red of trump) and then go on a general strike AGAINST THE PARTY THEY JUST ELECTED!?!?!

Yes, americans, especially on the left, are dumber than shit... but that seems like even too much for them.

It makes no sense to plan a general strike and/or protests like the '60s... after electing a party that won't listen any better than trump would.

And why weren't the cops that "appreciate" the armed militiamen fired for refusing to do their fucking jobs? Each one of those militiamen should have been disarmed and arrested. Now THAT would be a valid application of those federal troops.

fuck we're stupid!

At 1:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A general strike is illegal in the United States. If you join a general strike, you will not be protected by US labor laws. You would be subject to firing, just as you would if you just stayed home to watch movies and wank. Just sayin...
SB Gypsy


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