Thursday, August 06, 2020

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

President Mental Case has launched his all out attack on the electoral process of the United States Of America. Say that to yourself again so it really sinks in. He's afraid that his friends in North Korea or the GRU in Moscow, or wherever may not be able to hack enough voting machines in enough voting precincts to hand him what he sees as the dictatorship that he and his Republican $enators feel he is entitled to. Make no mistake; his efforts are meant for him first but Trump and his party are obviously hell bent on corrupting our electoral process up and down the ballot. The Republican Party has been doing this sort of thing since long before they nominated Trump to be their standard bearer. They've done it for years, decades, really, with the attacks on the right to vote for minorities, college students and rural seniors, anyone they think might not vote for them. Now, they're dead set on attacking mail-in (absentee) ballots, even though, from their dear leader on down, mail-in voting is what they themselves do.

A tiny minority of Republicans may publicly say they don't agree with Trump about his election tactics or like the other things he is doing to our country but if those things were really something that bothered them, they would not be nominating him for a second time. Does anyone really see a significant difference between Trump, McConnell, Jordan, Nunes, Cruz, Collins, or any of the rest of these goons? Watching Dear Leader put Louis DeJoy, a top Trump and Republican fundraiser, in charge of the U.S. Post Office has been a dream come true for the Republican Party. It's one of the things Moscow Mitch McConnell and his $enate minions wanted when they voted to keep Trump in the White House. They've always wanted to privatize the Post Office for purposes of control but this is even better for them. Since DeJoy took over, service has been deliberately slowing. The idea, of course is to make sure that mail-in ballots aren't postmarked in time, delivered in time, or even delivered at all. That goes for getting a ballot to you so you can vote and it goes for your filled in ballot getting back to where it needs to go. This is Republican America 2020. Hey, not to worry, you may be dead from the plague by then anyway. And that would suit them just fine, very fine.

Take a little field trip periodically to your local post office and check the dumpsters out back.

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