Sunday, August 23, 2020

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

Sunday Thoughts:

Yeah, Rick Wiles, but what's YOUR excuse? What made you so inhuman? What altered your DNA? Or, were you just born that way? Did your god play a little trick on you? Is it just a lifestyle choice that you made?

For decades, I've always noted that republicans always need someone or some group to hate or at least use for stoking fear to motivate their voters. It's the conservative M.O that they have taken in with full fervor; so Christian of them, but, that's their brand of Christianity.

When I started out, the target was people whose name ended in a vowel, "commies," or the tried and true targets of conservatives and other NAZIS, i.e. "The Jews" and "The Blacks." Nixon's tapes are full of proof of that and I heard plenty of it in my little Republicam hometown in New Jersey when I was growing up. Gradually, they added "longhairs." Then, they freaked out about gay people coming out. Then Muslims. Oh and I forgot "The Catholics." The righties used to burn their churches down. Now, they seem to just go after black churches, mosques and the old favorite, synagogues, although the later is usually reserved just for shootings and defacements with swastikas, not burnings.

The Republican Party actively looks for groups of people to hate. It hasn't been enough for them lately to focus on Chinese people because their Dear Leader tells them to. They're even now more bizarrely zeroing in on Tom Hanks now that their president has wholeheartedly embraced QAnon and their idea that Tom, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah, Hillary Clinton and who knows who else are part of a satanic pedophile ring and vast child-eating cabal. Pizzagate wasn't enough. Republicans needed more. You know their list of supposed pedos and cannibals and pedo-cannables, or what have you, will grow and grow until practically every celebrity and sports figure you can think of will be on it. Republican voters have even recently voted for QAnon supporters to represent them in Congress. Republican leaders like Trump focus their base on such groups and causes while they fleece the very people who vote for them. It's quite a game! A big Republican Jesus vs. Satan game. To join, just send cash.

Still, I always wonder, who's next? Judging by Flor-i-Duh Pastor Rick Wiles, a man who called the impeachment a "Jew Coup," a man who called for his buddy Trump to use "the Obama bullets" on BLM protestors, a man so cherished by Republicans that he gets White House press credentials, the next republican target for their pent up hate might be vegetarians. Vegetarians! Who knew they were so profoundly unAmerican! What kind of American doesn't eat meat? How dare they! That's communism, or something! C'mon Repugs! At least give the vegetarians credit for not eating babies! Just a few days ago, Vice President Mikey Pence even got his leather panties in a twist warning that nobody better ever mess with his meat! Not to worry, Mikey. The thought had never crossed my mind, but, Mikey, you'd better watch out for that Lindsey Graham fella!

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At 11:27 AM, Anonymous wjbill said...

I think vegetarians have been on their hit list for some time now. Meat eaters think they are sissies or whatever and the grift can have lots of branches. Vegetarians can easily be co-opted for spying (how would you like your boss to know about your eating habits?) or easily drawn into some child sex ring or they think less of meat eaters and try to get them fired from their jobs. The fun never ends.

At 10:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

how fucking stupid are americans, really?

it seems boundless.

At 12:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The last supernova will occur long before it is possible to quantify just how stupid Americans have insisted upon being.


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