Friday, August 14, 2020

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

I like compilations of idiocy like tonight's meme. They offer, for easy reference in one neat place, a little catalog of reasons why some assclown should not be treated with any respect.

Donnie Psycho has now given us an Encyclopedia Britannica's worth of such little catalogs; page after page after page. Someday, someone may even publish an encyclopedia of Trump's little catalogs of idiocy and worse. I know some would say something like, "But Noah, surely we need to respect the office if not the person." My answer to that would be something along the lines of, Fuck no! Not when that person has made sure to dedicate himself and define himself as 100% opposed to everything the Office Of The President Of The United States Of America is at least alleged to stand for. If we all look at the nation's history, anyone can find a president they wouldn't agree with in part or in whole. As Lincoln intimated, even the ones we like aren't going to please us all of the time. But finding a president other than Trump who chose a treason lifestyle? Well that's a lot harder.

So, what is tonight's meme? Is it just a calendar of ineptitude or something far worse? Obviously, it's the latter because no honest person among us could look back at all of this evidence of a person being so constantly wrong, day by day and month by month, saying the same thing over and over as the corpses pile up, and see that as mere ineptitude. The Trump statements depicted here are also not just the random statements of a lying loon. He is lying with full malice aforethought. Some naive people even say that he has refused to formulate a plan to deal with COVID-19 when, in fact, his plan is right there in plain sight; plain sight for all of those who can conceive of just how horrible a human being can be to see. Trump's actions can only be seen as the deliberate actions of a psychopathic mass murderer who has constantly said what he has said only as an active delaying action while the plague spreads with no attempt to stop it and the amount of corpses and human suffering grows. All a sensible person is left with is to reason why.

One can also only look at those in Washington deciding to keep Trump in office also as a delaying action, and not just to get some more wackjob judges in place and fuck up the post office. No, they knew what would happen. They knew in December if not before as the news of Wuhan was reaching them through our intelligence people. Lots, if not most, of these people are dumb as a rock but everyone knows what a plague is. They knew that human suffering would be inflicted and considered us all to be a human sacrifice to their money and power gods. They knew the numbers of corpses would mount. There's no way they could not. Hell, we've now passed the latest number in the meme and we will continue to zoom right past it while the Trump's, the Moscow Mitches, the Gym Jordans, the Louie Gohmerts and the rest drink to it on our dime. How many dead will satisfy their lust for power and their greed? The answer is millions. The answer literally is blowing in the wind.

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At 6:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as we allow the ravings of an evil lunatic to dominate what passes for public discourse, the real damage to the nation gets accomplished without any notice whatsoever. There is no opposition to Trump and his destruction of the nation.

Still think having a fake businessman as President is a good thing?


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