Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Marco Rubio's Road To Socialism


Former male prostitute and current Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio sent out a fundraising letter yesterday filled with rote Republican slanders going back to the 1930s-- with much less backing up his accusation that conservative Democrat Joe Biden is some kind of socialist than my accusation that Rubio was arrested for selling his ass to older gay guys in Alice C. Wainwright Park in Coconut Grove (Miami's gayest neighborhood long before it was the setting for Meet the Fockers).

Because he is part of a racist and misogynist party, Rubio begins his attack with Kamala Harris. "Kamala Harris and Joe Biden," he wrote, "have a radical leftist agenda and can’t wait to take America along for the ride. They want to pass socialist healthcare, bow down to dangerous regimes like China and Iran, and destroy the Second Amendment."

None of that is true and Republicans have been screeching that Medicare and Social Security were "Socialist" and would harken the end of America since they were first introduced. Republicans like Little Marco-- reactionaries, not necessarily male prostitues (although Marco is infamous these days for selling himself to much richer older men like Sheldon Adelson, Larry Ellison, Norman Braman, Jose "Pepe" Fanjul, Paul Singer, Joe Ricketts, Charles Schwab, Ron Weiser, and the Koch brothers)-- have been working diligently to undermine Medicare and Social Security for decades and decades. To Marco and his ilk, that's socialism. All of this is.

Little Marco claims that Kamala and Biden "both have a record of surfing the Democrats’ leftward drift and appeasing their party’s radical wing. Kamala and Joe’s names may be on the ticket, but they represent socialists like Bernie Sanders and 'The Squad.' There are probably victims of Fox brainwashing who believe that, but progressive Democrats only wish it were true.

"I don’t think we can afford having Kamala Harris and Joe Biden leading our country," said Rubio, who isn't up for reelection until 2022, which is probably going to be a good election year for Republicans-- unless Biden actually does turn to a proactive, socialist-like agenda! "We need bold conservative leadership," the former male whore insists, "to chart a better course than the Democrats’ road to socialism." Presumably he's talking about the kind of "bold conservative leadership" that has been on display in the Senate for a decade.

And that brings him to his point: "Donate today to stop the radical Democratic agenda." Oh, what do you know... it was a hustle to raise money for himself even though, like I said, he isn't running for anything now. Here's another blatant lie: "My colleagues and I have worked to find real solutions to our problems and reform the tax code, healthcare, and much more." The only thing they ever try to do is lower taxes for the very rich and shift the border to the working class-- a particularly disgusting position for Rubio, who is from a working class family himself.

He threatens the kooks and Hate Talk Radio victims on his mailing list that "Kamala Harris and Joe Biden are raising millions of dollars to take over the Senate and crush our work. We need your help to push back against their efforts. Friend, I’m counting on you to help protect bold conservative leadership in the Senate."

Adam Christensen isn't running against Marco Rubio (yet). He's running to represent the north-central Florida congressional district that Ted Yoho is trying to bequeath to his chief of staff. This morning, Adam pointed out that "The 'radical left agenda' that Marco is talking about here is to the right of what Republicans wanted to do 100 years ago. There are two options here, 1. The man hasn’t cracked a history book since the 5th grade or 2. he is intentionally lying to people for money (If I was to bet, my money be in the latter). To claim that a Neo-liberal agenda is 'left' as opposed to moderate is a bold faced lie. Then again, Chris Christy showed in the 2016 debates that Marco is just an empty suit and when forced to think for himself... well the results are predictable." And Adam sent this video along-- a little reminder of who and what Little Marco is:

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At 8:24 PM, Blogger Cugel said...

"Biden has a radical leftist agenda and can’t wait to take America along for the ride. They want to pass socialist healthcare, bow down to dangerous regimes like China and Iran, and destroy the Second Amendment."

Wouldn't it be great if any of that were true? We'd be a LOT better off if only we had Social Health Insurance like normal countries, and as for getting rid of the 2nd amendment? Sign me up!

What strikes me though is how OLD do you have to be to take any of this crap seriously? I mean, I'm a Boomer, but damn, the threat of being labeled a "Commie" pretty much fell with the Berlin Wall, although old people never noticed and carried right on being worried about "socialism."

Do these idiots actually realize that the word "socialism" is more attractive than negative to most people under 40 these days?

I wonder if some voters will be convinced to vote for Biden because the GOP keeps labeling him as a "socialist" so he must be OK? That would be a joke on them if true.


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