Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Trump's "Great People" Are Guaranteeing A Second Wave Far Worse Than The First Wave We're In Now


Remember the Suffolk County protestors we looked at on Saturday? These idiots aren't finished making news... and their very own lovely Trumpist poetry:

Trump was attracted to the same demonstration and rather than "idiots" who will steepen Long Island's curve, he saw them as "great people." Is he unaware that the guidelines they-- and he-- are protesting come from the White House itself-- his White House?

While they were out protesting on Saturday, there were 42,050 confirmed cases in Suffolk County (about the same number as in Pakistan, which is headed towards becoming one of the big Wave II hotspots). Now, 3 days later there are over 500 more confirmed cases in Suffolk County-- more cases than Israel, Japan and Argentina combined, 3 countries that are taking far stronger and more serious steps to contain the pandemic than Suffolk County is.

Yesterday, writing for The Guardian, Jason Wilson reported that U.S. lockdown protests are spreading the virus widely. Why aren't the disease-spreaders being thrown into prisons where they can give each other the disease without killing innocent people? "Cellphone location data," wrote Wilson of protests in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Colorado and Florida, "suggests that demonstrators at anti-lockdown protests-- some of which have been connected with Covid-19 cases-- are often traveling hundreds of miles to events, returning to all parts of their states, and even crossing into neighboring ones. 'The behavior we’re seeing at protests carries a high risk of infection. We can see protesters are going from a highly concentrated event and then dispersing widely.'"
One visualization shows that in Lansing, Michigan, after a 30 April protest in which armed protesters stormed the capitol building and state police were forced to physically block access to Governor Gretchen Whitmer, devices which had been present at the protest site can be seen returning to all parts of the state, from Detroit to remote towns in the state’s north.

One device visible in the data traveled to and from Afton, which is over 180 miles from the capital. Others reached, and some crossed, the Indiana border.

In the 48 hours following a 19 April “Operation Gridlock” protest in Denver, devices reached the borders of neighboring states including Wyoming, Nebraska, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Utah.

In Florida on 18 April, devices returned to all parts of the peninsula and up to the Georgia border. In Wisconsin on 24 April, devices returned to smaller towns like Green Bay and Wausau, and the borders of Minnesota and Illinois.

Following the initial wave of anti-lockdown protests in April, epidemiologists warned that they could lead to a new surge in cases.

In North Carolina in late April, one of the leaders of the state’s anti-lockdown protests tested positive for Covid-19 but said she would attend future rallies.
The U.S. has over a million and a half confirmed cases and over 91 million deaths from COVID, more cases than the 5 next worst-hit countries-- Russia, Spain, Brazil, the U.K. and Italy-- combined. New York alone has more cases than any country in the world. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that states-- egged on by Señor Trumpanzee-- are opening up willy-nilly:

"In Texas," wrote Liza Lin, "gyms and movie theaters are set to reopen on Monday, despite a rise in infections and virus-related deaths there. Idaho on Saturday allowed dine-in restaurants to resume operations under social-distancing rules. New Jersey permitted chartered-boat services and watercraft rentals to resume on Sunday. Warmer weather drew large crowds to beaches in New York City and New Jersey over the weekend, highlighting the challenges that the hardest-hit parts of the country face in enforcing social distancing this summer. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said he doesn’t want the city’s beaches to open for swimming by Memorial Day weekend. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Sunday urged New Yorkers to get tested for Covid-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. Mr. Cuomo said the state is conducting about 40,000 Covid-19 tests a day at more than 700 sites. New York has more than 350,000 infections and 22,600 confirmed virus-related deaths, according to figures from the state."

Memorial Day weekend is likely to see the U.S. blow up the 100,000 death mark. I wonder how many deaths it will take for Trump's "great people" to start taking this seriously. A million? Two million? Ten million?

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At 6:31 AM, Anonymous ap215 said...

You said it Howie this pandemic will be in the hundreds/millions in the infected & death category because Trump the GOP & the protesters are doing this intentionally no matter what cost it is they nevered cared about people’s lives or their safety it’s all on them.

At 1:03 PM, Blogger Scooter said...

91 thousand deaths. Not 91 million


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