Friday, April 10, 2020

Señor Trumpanzee: "Trust Me... I'm Like A Smart Person"


Yesterday, just as the news broke that the Trumpist economy has seen another 6.6 million new unemployment claims filed, the Wall Street Journal published a piece by a team of their reporters in Europe-- Jason Douglas in London, Tom Fairless in Frankfurt and Stacy Meichtry in Paris-- explaining how the EU has unleashed massive subsidies to stem job losses. "As job losses ricochet across the U.S.," they wrote, "Europe is conducting an unprecedented experiment in navigating the economic fallout from the new coronavirus: Persuade companies to forgo layoffs by subsidizing private-sector wages on a massive scale. More than one million companies across the continent have signed up for subsidy programs that essentially transform their payrolls into a system for delivering billions of euros in stimulus funds directly to households."

With Mnuchin babbling Trumpist nonsense to Jim Cramer on Squawk on the Street. about the economy reopening in a few weeks, senators shot down two proposals to provide hundreds of billions of dollars to help small businesses. First came McConnell's ugly and predictable partisan stunt which left out desperately-needed aid to hospitals and local governments and the 15% increase in food stamps which Trump adamantly opposes. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) explained that McConnell's political gamesmanship was "designed to fail" with the intention to make the Democrats look bad for voting against an aid package they largely agree too.

While the senators squabble about how much to give who, the grotesquely incompetent Trump regime, can't even send out what was already allocated-- and is desperately needed in the hands of increasingly desperate families with no source of income and no savings to fall back on. Team Trump gave up on sending every American a mask when they realized they don't know how to do it. And the emergency checks that were supposed to have been in the hands of American families two weeks ago still haven't gone out and in some cases won't go out until late summer or even in the fall. Conservatives hate government and don't know how to govern, only how to destroy. It's literally insane to send conservatives to Washington or to state capitals.

Trump's jihad against the IRS-- after all they had the temerity of trying to force him and his rich friends to pay taxes-- has resulted in far too few employees to do anything effectively. NPR reported that the IRS is too understaffed to send out the checks. Mnuchin is still promising "next week," as he has every week. George W. Bush's IRS commissioner from 2003 to 2007 told NPR "There's a dearth of people who are qualified to do the work and they're overworked. If you're going to get a check in the mail, it could come as late as end of August." Some people who lost jobs will have to try to get their $1,200 checks in 2021. Good luck with that!

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At 7:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It won't matter if we trust Trump or not. He will finish following the Powell Memo and convert the US into a corporatist dictatorship. It's what corporations do.

This is why having a "businessman" run the nation "like a business" is a terrible idea.

At 7:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now why does that shit-for-brains keep reminding me of:


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