Thursday, April 30, 2020

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


Moscow Mitch by Chip Proser

by Noah

It's not enough for a sociopathic traitor like Moscow Mitch McConnell to follow the lead of Donnie Psycho and strive to get as many Americans as possible infected with a plague. No, rather than delivering enough federal money to help states like New York and Illinois that are financially straining due to the coronavirus, Moscow Mitch smirks the smirk of a psycho and suggests that such states should just declare bankruptcy. Mr. Moscow also made a point of oh so cutely calling the bailouts of democratic states "Blue State Bailouts." So clever, Mitchie. Did you think that up all by yourself?

I remember another Republican sociopath, a corrupt president named Gerald Ford. Ford is known for two things; One, pardoning the crooked predecessor who gave him his job, and, two, telling New York, the nation's biggest city, to drop dead when it was undergoing financial troubles in the 1970s; three if you count the fact that Ford seemed to fall down a lot, probably because he, as LBJ once said, played too much college football without a helmet. But, it's the "Drop Dead" message that is most applicable here.

New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo had an instant response to Mr. Moscow's sick proposal. To paraphrase, Governor Cuomo pointed out that the state of New York annually kicks about in $116 Billion (That's Billion with a B) more into the annual federal fund than it takes out. Kentucky, on the other hand, puts its hand out and takes the opposite approach, taking out $148 Billion (With a B) more than it pays in. In other words, like most if not all states in the would be Confederacy, Kentucky is a taker state, or, as Governor Cuomo asked of Mr. Moscow, "Just who is the bailout state?" Of course, as this virus crisis deepens, McConnell is liable to be crying for more money for his state from New York and the rest of the ten states that pay in more than they take out. What should those states say to Moscow Mitch then? I know what I'd say. I'd tell him to call up his Russian friends and see if they'll send some more bags of rubles his way. They always have in the past, so why not now?

Whole states declaring bankruptcy would, among many other things, decimate the retirement pensions of their citizens and send a quick and brutal message that would trigger a cascading and unavoidable economic meltdown on Wall Street and cause a cataclysmic nationwide and worldwide depression. That would also make McConnell's twisted pal Vladimir smile bigly but when did any Republican politician ever give a rat's ass about anyone's retirement pension or anyone's quality of life other than their own? Keep in mind that McConnell and his party have also been generally trying to do away with Social Security since the moment FDR signed it into law in 1935. Along with ending things like voting rights, Medicare, and civil rights, gutting the Social Security program sits in the Republican Party Pantheon of Hallowed Goals. Jeez, you'd think the next thing the republicans might come up with is just telling us all to inject Lysol. All the while, of course Repug politicians intend to keep enjoying their own retirement perks which we the people pay for with our taxes. And, every night, McConnell drives home in his Welfare Cadillac, surrounded by security soldiers that we also pay for. This is a man who should be stripped naked, tied to the bumper and dragged home through glass every night. And salt the streets first!

Gerry Ford on the cover of the Daily News in the 1970s. The Republican Party, strove to be the top conduit  for misery even way back then

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