Friday, March 06, 2020

There Really Is A Lot More To 2020 Than Just Electing A President


Brianna Wu sent this homemade kitchen video out to her supporters acknowledging that many of us felt discouraged on Wednesday morning after the Super Tuesday results in some states-- like Massachusetts, where she lives. "But," she wrote, "I'm also optimistic about what we can achieve. Fighting for progressive values means a lot more than just winning the Oval Office. The president cannot write and pass legislation, and we need progressives in office all the way down the ballot to get Medicare for All passed, to enact a Green New Deal, and to restore our democracy."

I wondered how widespread that kind of optimism was yesterday. So I reached out to some of the congressional candidates who have been endorsed by Blue America and asked them. Robin Wilt, up in Monroe County, New York, is someone who thinks things through carefully from every perspective. She's someone who will make an absolutely outstanding Congress member. And she's a dedicated Berniecrat. She told me "It's not just Bernie; it’s all of us. We can’t forget that it wasn’t simply the Executive Branch that enabled the rampant wealth inequality, military adventurism, climate crisis, and other regressive policies that we are experiencing today. In fact, the House of Representatives is referred to as 'the People’s House' because the framers wanted it to be the body of the federal government that is most sensitive to voter opinion. With members representing individual localities rather than states at-large, with terms limited to just two years, and with every vacancy requiring a special election, rather than appointment to be filled, one would assume that the U.S. House, more than any other body, would reflect the political attitude of the national electorate. Of course, with the disproportionate influence of the monied elite, we know that not to be true."

  Goal Thermometer"In the documentary Knock Down the House," she continued, "Alexandria Ocasio Cortez observed that 'For one of us to get it through, a hundred of us have to try.' True to that mantra, we have unapologetic Berniecrats contesting establishment Democrats all over the country. My own race represents a fight to give voice to the voiceless of NY-25. Pay careful attention to the establishment’s criticism of Bernie Sanders-- that he won’t help their down-ballot cronies. We need to ensure that we support the down-ballot races that will provide Bernie the legislators that he needs to pass his progressive agenda."

At the other end of New York state, in the Bronx, another deep thinker, Tomas Ramos, is contesting an open deep blue seat in a crowded primary. "The essence of democracy is not just rooted in the presidency," he told me. "The framers created a representative democracy, not a despotic crown. It is the responsibility of the Congress to create laws and 'check' the constitutionality of the judiciary and presidency. I am running for NY-15 because we are the poorest congressional district and our representative (for the last 30 years) has not invested in nor allocated the resources that we need to create thriving communities."

Another guy who speaks with forethought is Mark Gamba, major of Milwaukie, Oregon and candidate for a seat held by venal Blue Dog Kurt Schrader. "America’s Constitution was written with the intent to limit the overgrowth of power in any one branch of government. Unfortunately, the presidency has been turned into a flashy celebrity position instead of a solid team player. Meanwhile, much of the real work that keeps our society functioning is done in Congress. That is why it is SO VITAL that we pay close attention to who is running for Congress and vote for folks in both the House and the Senate who will represent a bold climate agenda, healthcare for all, and income equity to name a few of our pressing issues. Brianna Wu has it exactly right-- Progressive Congress-- An America for ALL.

San Francisco progressive, Shahid Buttar beat out the Republican who wanted to run against Nancy Pelosi and will face her in November. He told me that he's "committed to making Bernie our next President because we need his vision in the White House. I also know that without major changes in Congress, Bernie will struggle will implement his visionary agenda. We need to capture Congress to re-align it with the American people and human rights. That, in turn, will require ending a few careers-- including that of corporate Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. I'm not running for Congress to start a career. I'm running for Congress to continue my service to my neighbors, our communities, and our Republic."

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At 6:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The president cannot write and pass legislation, and we need progressives in office all the way down the ballot to get Medicare for All passed, to enact a Green New Deal, and to restore our democracy."

yes, the president cannot write and pass lege.

But adding in a few progressives down-ballot isn't nearly enough. It will take replacing the entire party oligarchy with progressives. Congress won't write and pass lege useful to anyone but corporations and billionaires until each and every one of those currently in seats (save a dozen or so like AOC and Pramila) are voted out and replaced with progressives. The entirety of the democrap national committee must be replaced. The entirety of the DNC must be replaced. The entirety of the DxCCs must be replaced.

But what's more, voters must get a lot smarter, get better values and principles and, most important, relentlessly vote FOR them rather than voting simply against the Nazis.

The former cannot happen unless and until the latter happens. But this is America, land of the stupid and evil and gullible and apathetic.

To suggest that electing a few better democraps will be of any help at all is, at best, sheepdoggery. It is, at worst, pure lies.

Perhaps the biggest reason we now are where we are and will have a trump vs. biden pointless choice to make is because so few understand the previous two sentences.

At 8:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The president cannot write and pass legislation..."

This prohibition isn't stopping Trump.

At 9:51 AM, Anonymous ap215 said...

Correct 6:42 The current broken system that is in place now is for corruption to continue
plaguing the electoral system establishment dems to cheat/win & corporations to continue their free will aka Citizens United aka Dark Money everything must be replaced.

At 1:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To augment 8:12...

What is not stopping trump is the democraps. the constitutional check on the exec is congress (the judiciary won't check him because of the democraps' chronic inability to muster a quorum of voters and their refusal to exercise their constitutional duties in congress).

Legislating via EO was never challenged before by democraps as Reagan, bush and cheney/bush did so.

And, of course, nullifying existing law they all find inconvenient BWO refusing to enforce them has been the practice of both parties in power for several decades... particularly antitrust, finance fraud and torture.

so... yeah... but not just trump and not just the Nazis.


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