Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

Just as they pervert every American ideal, republicans in the $enate have made no bones about being driven to pervert the concept of blind justice. Last week, they broke the agreed to rules of behavior and decorum and sat around reading books, playing with their fidget spinners (if that's what they call it now) that North Carolina $enator Richard Burr handed out to all 52 of his Repug Party colleagues, some played with their Apple watches that they were supposed to leave at the door. Some just left for the $enate cloakroom without a hall pass. We can only guess what goes on in the cloakroom; pole dancing? A floating crap game perhaps? Chief "Justice" John Roberts once again showed his party bias, as if anyone needed to be reminded, by not enforcing said agreed to rules; no surprise there. What did you expect? Integrity? $enator Marsha Blackburn of nut state Tennessee was the first to bring a book, perhaps as if to show us that some people from her state can actually read. It was a swell prop. Worse, she spent hours questioning the patriotism of Lt. Col. Vindman, a man who has bled for this country, via tweet because he had testified negatively about her beloved president during the House Impeachment hearings. To be fair, and I'm always fair, Marsha may be trying to be her party's new Sarah Palin or Louis Gohmert but she still has a little way to go, maybe.

This is the Republican Party.2020. Their behavior during the Democratic Party's Trump impeachment trial presentation was just a step better than an out of control pack of chimpanzees peddling their tricycles around in circles in their soiled diapers. You could show them film of their cherished president stabbing Melania and her Tiffany's boyfriend to death, complete with his clown shoe footprints in blood on the sidewalk, and they'd rationalize it away. That's what they're doing with the trial anyway.

In the so-called corporate liberal media, you'll periodically hear that the republican $enators are secretly appalled at Trump, his behavior, and his actions, but they don't go public for whatever reason. That's just an example of those who own the corporate media protecting their overall lean to the right agenda. Have we ever heard even one single republican $enator say they are appalled about their guy? Of course not, because they aren't appalled at all. In fact they are proud to be counted with Trump, fully, completely, 100%. Can you imagine any of them saying that they are appalled and dismayed or even lightly embarrassed by Trump? Nope, not if you're sane. Even if they did say it, what they really think is clear from their actions and they've made it even more clear during the trial. They are all in with Dear Leader and screw the Constitution. Screw the country. And, screw each and every one of us! It's who they are.

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At 6:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Knowing the Democrats are toothless tiger cubs, the PAC-e-derms only have to go through the motions before they can declare Trump cleared of all charges. They want this done quickly so that television can work its magic on voter minds and make them forget this display of disdain for the rule of law.


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