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Medicare-For-All? "Us Not Me" Will Win The Day AND That's Not To Dilute The Importance Of A Key Historical Figure Or Two


Hillary is being left behind by history-- but embraced by Big PhRMA

Last week Alexander Burns wasted a New York Times column on Hillary Clinton's opposition to Medicare-for-All. He caught up with her at the Times's DealBook conference, where she as much as endorsed Status Quo Joe by saying she "hoped for a return to 'boring, normal times' after the 2020 election, voicing skepticism of her party’s populist wing and predicting that Senator Elizabeth Warren’s proposal for single-payer health care would never get enacted." As she knows, the single-payer plan is Bernie's and it nearly kept her from her stolen nomination. She's still bitter and vindictive and said "Democrats should pursue the goal of universal health coverage, but through other means."

She was an activist conservative Republican well into her twenties and Burns, rather than admitting she's nothing but a conservative and neo-lib fronting for the donor class referred to her as "A longtime leader of her party’s moderate wing."

She can't get it through her head that the American people-- and Democrats even more so-- are demanding fairer tax policies that will cut deeply into the wealth of the criminal class the Clintons, Bidens, Bloombergs and Trumps belong to. "Clinton," wrote Burns, "was most blunt about Ms. Warren’s proposal to replace private health insurance with a single-payer system funded largely by taxes on the wealthy and corporations. Asked if she thought that proposal could get passed into law, Mrs. Clinton answered in the negative. 'No, I don’t-- I don’t,' she said. 'But the goal is the right goal.'" From 1905 to 1965 conservative Democrats like Clinton worked with the GOP to prevent Medicare, calling it impossible and a dream and then, when it became inevitable, watering it down so that Bernie's Medicare-for-All plan puts back in place everything the Clinton-types ripped out of it-- from universal coverage to dental care and equitable drug prices.
Speaking on Thursday at North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, N.C., Ms. Warren was asked about Mrs. Clinton’s remarks.

"I’m saying, you don’t get what you don’t fight for,” she said in response. “You know, you got to be willing to get out there and fight.”

Mrs. Clinton’s comments suggest she remains skeptical of the populist forces on the rise in Democratic politics. While she did not endorse a candidate, she indicated a clear preference in one of the largest debates raging in the Democratic Party: whether to nominate a candidate who would make sweeping changes to the country’s government and economy, or someone who would restore something like normalcy in Washington.

“I would like us to return to a presidency where we don’t have to wake up every day worried,” Mrs. Clinton said, adding, “I’d like us to get back to sort of boring, normal times.”
Yesterday, bestselling author and a former health insurance industry executive Wendell Potter responded with a Tweet Storm. "Hillary," he began, "is remembering what happened in the 90s, when I worked at Humana and we tanked the nation’s first attempt at single payer since the famed Nixon/Kennedy failure. The industry came out with what are now its greatest hits-- like dubbing what we now call Medicare for All, 'government run health care.' Public opinion that had been rising in support of single payer dropped like a rock. Fast forward 25 years and the industry play now is the same as it was then. Why, then, should Clinton expect to feel any differently about passage of single payer?"
1- A majority of Americans who receive health insurance through their employer now say they support a switch to MedicareForAll.

2- A majority of small business owners support MedicareForAll. (96% of small employers already don’t offer health insurance because it’s too expensive, but this is still important.)

3- The number of Americans receiving health insurance through an employer is falling-- and now close to 50%, down from closer to 70% two decades ago.

4- And those that do get coverage through an employer increasingly find it too expensive. The average family insurance plan now costs more than $20,000 annually.

5- And furthermore, those people find it too expensive to use. Nearly 100 million Americans are now “underinsured”-- meaning their deductibles and copays are so high they can’t afford to go to a doctor or hospital if they need to.

6- A majority of Americans support MedicareForAll even after it has been attacked. Simply remind people they’re out-of-pocket costs, premiums and deductibles will go away-- and they’re all for it.
"Finally, and this is harder to track, we didn’t have politicians like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren ten and 25 years ago with the power those two have now. Their social media followings, their email lists, the media they draw-- it all contributes to getting out the truth about the broken for-profit health insurance system the industry was able to lie about for years. There’s now a chorus of voices, led by Sanders and Warren, that are saying, 'enough!'"

And history will remember Hillary, if at all, as nothing but a First Lady and a GOP victim

Shan Chowdhury is the progressive candidate taking on transactional, crooked conservative New Dem Gregory Meeks in southeast Queens. He's campaigning strongly for Medicare-for-All. This morning he told us that "When Hilary Clinton talks about bringing it back to normal, boring times, I think about how both parties passed the 1994 crime bill or when our military ventured into a series of senseless wars. Brushing aside the reality of what working class families have to go through is unconscionable. It tells the American people we don't deserve to have healthcare because protecting the profits of the healthcare industry is in their best interest."

Goal ThermometerKim Williams is another progressive running for a seat occupied by a corrupt conservative Democrat, in her case, Blue Dog Jim Costa. Williams' campaign is premised on issues opposed by Republicans and Democrats from the Republican wing of the Democratic Party like Costa, Medicare-for-All being an especially important one. "Clinton," she told me, "stated that she wished we could return to a presidency 'where we don’t have to wake up every day worried.' The problem is that the good people in my district, who breathe the dirtiest air in America and can’t access decent healthcare or good paying jobs, will wake up everyday worried if we don’t bring about real change. This is another example of comfortable millionaires telling those facing medical bankruptcies to quiet down with little regard or understanding for the lived experiences of working class families in America. There’s a reason so many of us have had enough with the status quo, and Medicare for All will absolutely be enacted if we send the right people to represent us."

Saturday progressive Will County Democrat Rachel Ventura co-hosted a Medicare for All event with another Blue America-backed Chicagoland candidate, Robert Emmons, who's running to unseat Bobby Rush. Rachel told us that she and Robert "sat and listened to powerful stories from victims of the for-profit healthcare system. One woman, Wendy Schuster, a resident of Joliet said that she was paying about $20,000 a year in out of pocket healthcare expenses. As a cancer survivor Wendy said that fighting claims was a full-time job even though she had insurance."
Wendy shared a more disturbing, and sad story about her 38-year old cousin who was diagnosed with a hernia. The simple laparoscopic surgery to fix the hernia was not covered by his for-profit insurance company. They denied the claim stating that it was not medically necessary. On October 22nd, her cousin went home sick and started bleeding. He tried controlling the bleeding with towels, but it was not enough. Because his insurance company had denied him the care he needed to repair the hernia, her cousin bled to death, and was discovered 48 hours later.

Every year, over 40,000 Americans die just like Wendy’s cousin because the Hillary Clintons, the Joe Bidens and the Bill Fosters of the world rather fight for the for-profit healthcare industry than fight to fix the broken system.

Another victim of the for-profit insurance industry and resident of Joliet, Janet Diaz, said that she was angry at the healthcare industry. As a Certified Nurses Assistant, Diaz worked at Silver Cross Hospital and had excellent health insurance. She was injured at work and the insurance companies passed the buck back and forth between workers compensation and her Blue Cross-Blue Shield insurance plan. In the end, she got stuck with nearly $250,000 in medical bills. She had to quit-claim deed her home to her parents to protect her home from the for profit healthcare industry. Diaz concluded by saying, “we need our Senators and our Congressmen to have the same insurance that we have, and the same insurance that the homeless guy down the street has, and until that happens, we are not going to get the good healthcare that we need. Medicare for All is the only way to go. Medicare for most does not cut it.”

We also heard from a union electrician from Aurora, Mike O’Connell who described himself as a cancer survivor who had to use his “Cadillac insurance” plan. Even though he had used his insurance, O’Connell did not agree with the AFL-CIO messaging that union members prefer private insurance over Medicare for All. Mike used a slide to show us that over 28% of his paycheck was going to pay for healthcare costs, including $24,000 per year that went to private insurance companies. He showed us that under a Medicare for All plan that he would instead be paying only $8,200 per year. “Medicare for All would let me put $19,097 more in my pocket every year,” said O’Connell. “I support Medicare for All. It’s the only thing that makes sense.”

These stories are tragic, and I feel like America is becoming numb to these tragedies and they are becoming the norm. The unwillingness of our political leaders to do anything is barbaric. What is even more tragic is that the solution is right in front of us and it is an easy solution, Improved Medicare for All. We have the money and we can afford to change things. Once again, we see a broken system in America where we allow wealthy donors to dictate the quality of life, or life itself for everyone else.

Robert Emmons and Rachel Ventura 

UPDATE from Columbus, Ohio:

Morgan Harper is the progressive reformer running for Columbus seat occupied by old school, do-nothing Democrat Joyce Beatty. A few minutes ago, Morgan told us that "Almost every single person I meet while door knocking in OH-03 cites health care costs as their main issue. The employer-based system we have is not working. It gives insurance companies all of the power. Medicare for All would ensure that everyone in this country has access to quality health care, and that we are able finally to control the costs of care. I am firmly committed to making this goal a reality when I get to Congress. We have to do better."

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At 1:13 PM, Blogger Citizen said...

I see HC is not returning Warren’s favor of endorsing before primary. With friends like that...

At 3:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of my friends told me, that after Warren's Deval Patrick comment, he is not going to vote for Warren if she is the Democratic candidate for 2020.

At 10:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have more of a problem with Warren flirting with large donors. I await further developments before I refuse to vote for her.

At 6:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The slow warren transmogrification just shows the corruptive power of money and the allure of potential power.

still think the democrap party can be reformed from within? still think god sent his son jesus to "save" us?

At 6:50 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As to point 1, I receive health insurance through my employer, and I support a change to Medicare For All. My current coverage is better than most get from their employers, and it's costing me $600 a month out-of-pocket just for premiums. My medications have all gone up significantly this year. I stopped taking a few of them because the cost got to be too high.

As to point 2, I've worked for employers in the past who -if they had coverage at all- didn't actually cover much. Despite the situation I now have, I could easily have it worse as too many do.

As to point 3, while I still have insurance, my employer is busy pushing cheaper and less expansive coverage on the younger members of the workforce. The lower cost will suck many of them in. They should give up their more dangerous recreational activities, but won't figure this out until it's too late.

As to point 4, including my employer's portion of my coverage costs puts me into the range cited.

All of that said so far, I have begun to assess just what services I really need. I have stopped several prescriptions if I don't notice any beneficial effect. I am thus beginning to experience point 5.

None of the efforts by Republicans and their corporate Democratic running dogs to taint Medicare For All in my mind have been successful, nor will they be. All they can do is wreck the current system and not replace it with anything else. They seem hell-bent to do so.

I don't need to be reminded of that which I already understand regarding the potential increase in taxes that I might have to pay. Unlike too many Chicken Littles, I'm not averse to paying taxes for something beneficial.

At 12:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A fine post, 6:50. Welcome to the club.

When it comes time to retire, does you employer have any sort of pension plan? Compared to the day Reagan committed treason to win the '80 election, only about 1 in 25 still offer any kind of pension, and almost all of them are either union or government shops or both.

I worked for 3 massive corporations during my career. Each one of them dropped their pension plans, though they all do some kind of matching of 401K contributions. But the by-product of them all dropping pensions is they got to drop all their health care plans for pensioners too.

.. back to the title: ' "Us Not Me" Will Win The Day'
"us not me" hasn't won a single day in this shithole since 1978.
If you look at the election of trump, you'd realize that it is to the point of being a totally alien ideal to the denizens of this shithole. Both political parties pander only to the "ME" (because that's all that voters give a fuck about) while serving the money. The only candidate in the past 40 years to even talk about the "Us/WE" is Bernie, and his party will never allow him to sniff the nomination.


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