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Is Getting Rid Of Trump Enough? How About Fundamental Change AND Getting Rid Of Trump?


The false narrative Biden lackeys-- like former Delaware governor Jack Markell, a shady conservative very much like Biden-- are working ceasely to create is that Democratic voters "know him. And they don't know just his name. If it were just name recognition, these polls may look different." That's false; as voters get to know Biden better, they flee to other candidates. Polling has shown that the more closely people have followed the primary, the more likely they are to move away from Biden. He began his campaign in early May with an average polling number of 41.4%. The most recent poll, by YouGov last week for The Economist shows him at 22%. As voters see how feeble he is, how conservative he is, how racist he is, what a liar he is... they start looking for other candidates. "Biden's campaign," reported Julie Pace and Bill Barrow of the Associated Press, "is eager to focus more on his eight years as vice president than the decades that preceded his time in the White House. Advisers believe his years serving as No. 2 to the nation's first black president resonate particularly well with African American voters, one of the most powerful segments of the Democratic electorate."

Yesterday New York Magazine columnist Ed Kilgore asked the pertinent question of primary season: Is Beating Trump The Best Democrats Can Hope To Achieve In 2020? "One of the fundamentals of the 2020 presidential nominating contest is that rank-and-file Democrats really want to beat Donald Trump and are willing to sacrifice other goals if necessary to send the 45th president to the dustbin of history," he wrote. Polling bears out the assertion.

Conservative campaigns, particularly of right-of-center Biden surrogates John Delaney, Frackenlooper, Steve Bullock and-- don't flip your lid; I know her far better than you do-- Tulsi Gabbard are threatening "that progressive policy proposals will feed Republican claims that Democrats are a wild band of socialist baby-killing America-haters who want to open the borders and register criminal aliens to vote while they are signing up for their free health-care coverage."

Kilgore admits that there’s a counterargument from the left, that nonvoters and even some 2016 Trump voters crave single-payer health care and free college and other progressive proposals and have only voted Republican or not voted at all in the past because corrupt conservative Democrats like Biden and Delaney, et al don’t offer them anything to improve their lives or any kind of real change or-- as Biden himself put it-- "fundamental" change.

But what Kilgore's column in about is The "what Democrats can realistically hope to accomplish after beating Trump... Is ejecting this terrible anomaly from the White House enough?" When combined, the two serious progressive contenders in the race, Bernie and Elizabeth, consistently out-poll Biden. They are offering Americans a realistic roadmap to fundamental change. Bidenis basically offering nothing but his decrepit stench-ridden political corpse and his ugly, vile over-sized ego.

Limiting Trump to one term (assuming, as is prudent, that there is zero chance he will be removed from office by the Republican-controlled Senate before that term ends) would remove his stubby fingers from the nuclear trigger, and thrill most of our allies. It would calm financial markets constantly roiled by this unstable man’s gyrations in economic policy and his taste for trade wars. It would stop the Federalist Society’s shockingly successful campaign to stuff the federal courts with conservative ideologues, which a second Trump term could bring to a crucial and almost irreversible tipping point. And it would halt the more radical policies that Trump has implemented by executive order and that Republicans have tried to enact via legislation. Perhaps most important, beating Trump would reduce the likelihood that one of the nation’s two major political parties would become wedded for the foreseeable future to a radical right-wing populism that depends on racist appeals and efforts to subvert democracy for survival.

But anyone who thinks, for example, that addressing climate change is a generational, or perhaps even biological, challenge that can no longer be delayed cannot be satisfied with just avoiding a 2021 hellscape. And Democrats really do need to internalize the fact that they haven’t been in a position to advance their policies in a serious way since 2010.

To be very specific about it, Democrats entered 2009 having won two straight landslides, with a supermajority in the Senate, a big majority in the House, and a popular and charismatic president claiming a mandate for “hope and change.” Yes, those managing the Democratic “trifecta” in Washington had to deal with the aftermath of the financial meltdown and the advent of the Great Recession. But in theory, at least, they had the power to get big things done-- until a handful of moderates in their ranks objected to elements of the original Affordable Care Act that in retrospect were essential to Obamacare’s success. And then the whole dream collapsed when Republican Scott Brown destroyed the Senate supermajority in a shocking special election in deep-blue Massachusetts.

In retrospect, Democratic prospects for anything like fundamental change went steadily down from that point, creating a lost decade of dashed hopes and gridlock interrupted only by those two years when Trump and a GOP trifecta won its own half-measures.

Yes, in 2020 Democrats could end the threat of a permanent conservative counterrevolution-- a job they started by retaking the House in 2018. But if all they do is to beat Trump, they will be at the very best where they were when it all started going bad in Massachusetts.

Can they aim higher than that? Yes. They can begin, of course, by defending their control of the House and retaking the Senate along with the White House. The latter will not be easy, given the landscape, even if they win the presidency. Without the Senate, though, the new president will be helpless to put together the administration it wants or to begin to reshape the judiciary in a more progressive direction. Big legislative “reaches” like major new health-care reform measures or climate change actions or steps to address income inequality would be dead on arrival. And even with Senate control, the filibuster will make legislative action all but impossible.
Kilgore then goes off the rails entirely-- into an anti-Bernie/anti-Warren rant-- drawing the perfect example of why so few progressives bother reading his persistently narrow-minded, elitist, right-of-center negativity. He wants Biden to win and doesn't understand that that is likely to equate to 4 more years of exactly what he doesn't want: Trump. Kilgore would have counseled against provoking the British by starting the Revolution. He would have have said to ask the plantation owners to feed the slaves better. Kilgore would have opposed public education, labor rights, civil rights, Social Security, Medicare, environmental protection. Big things take a lot of work. That's Bernie; that's Elizabeth Warren. That's certainly not Biden, Delaney, Frackenlooper, Gabbard, Bullock, Mayo Pete or Kilgore. And, by the way... this is Texas, not Wisconsin or Pennsylvania or Michigan or even Ohio; TEXAS:

A new national poll of registered voters from SurveyUSA shows Bernie and Biden each beating Trumpanzee 50-42% and Elizabeth Warren beating him 46-44%. But the most important finding is among independent voters where Bernie trounces Trump by ten points. Biden also beats him but just by 6 points. Elizabeth Warren and Trump are even among independents. Among profoundly ignorant and extraordinarily stupid people who aren't equipped to deal with the 21st Century, Trump rules and beats every Democrat. In that demo, Trump beats Mayo Pete and Kamala by 30 points each, beats Bernie and Status Quo Joe by 21 each and beats Elizabeth by 18 points. In households with at least one family member who is gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, Sanders leads by 50 points, Biden leads by 46 points, Harris leads by 45 points, Warren leads by 44, Mayo Pete leads by 38.

Click on the image and it will blow up so that you can read it and understand why Bernie's the way to beat Señor Trumpanzee

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At 7:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're only 40 years too late, but you're finally sneaking up on your epiphany. The cliché 'better late than never' applies, though by now it has no meaning since it's almost surely too late.

3 years ago, your "hold your nose and..." exhortation proved that, for you, fundamental change was NOT part of the deal. 9 months ago, you inferred that electing a lot of democraps in the anti-red wave year would, perhaps, yield fundamental change, though there really was no indication that this could be possible.
We elected all those new democraps... nothing changed. Just as I predicted. Just as it had in 2006 and 2008.

In all the intervening times in all your posts you infer that electing democraps will, perhaps, yield fundamental change though the proof of the opposite should be fresh in your memories.

Now, you ask, timidly, if fundamental change is the goal?

Since the sheep are bleating only their fear of trump/Nazis, there has been no other catalyst for such a micro-epiphany except maybe my constant hammering that change/results should be the ONLY goal and 'just win baby' is myopic. I hope I've had some effect. it's long past time.

The real test will be how you react to the DNC rigging of the nom and how you cover the 40-year refusal of the democrap PARTY to affect ANY fundamental/meaningful change whatsoever. Again, long past due.

At 9:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course just getting rid of Trump isn't going to be enough. How many partisan hacks are now occupying the judicial benches across the nation? Some of those incompetents will still be on the bench when my grandkids become grandparents.

Many years of laws and regulation which protected the public have been discarded with prejudice. Restoring these will take decades.

The destruction of the environment, the wars Trump is pushing for, the economic destruction of a relatively stable economy, the rise of fascist corporatism - all due to the asshole in the Oval Office and the slime he brought in to dump on us. This isn't going to be reversed and repaired quickly. It took 40 years to get here. It could easily take twice that to correct - IF Mother Nature doesn't eradicate us first.

At 10:09 AM, Anonymous Richard Langly said...

I see from the Mr. Democraps' comment at 7:09, that the blowhard winds are very strong today. We still await his own epiphany that he is a titanic blowhard with a run amok ego in need of care. So, Mr Democraps, since you think you are such a unique holder of secret knowledge that no one else knows because they are just so much more stupid than you, please predict for us who will win the World Series in each of the next five years so we can place some bets and win some real money, enough for us to fund your candidacy for office in 2024, and ours.

At 11:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Richard Langly! I love it! I will also await World Series predictions from Mr. Democraps. He is so pompous he'd give Bill O'Reilly a run for his money. He may even BE Bill O'Reilly! I bet Democraps makes his family address him as "Oh Great One!"

At 1:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does the world series winner have to do with making meaningful change to society? What does your ad hominem nonsense have to do with gaining MFA or a GND?

How about you 2 just STFU unless you'd care to challenge my observations with, you know, something factual? Of the 3 of us, only one is trying to make a positive difference.
I'll give you a hint: it ain't either one of you.

However, I do owe you two a thanks -- for proving again my oft-repeated epithet.

When seeking an example to follow, often we learn best from the example that we should NOT follow. You two give us that for sure. again, thank you.

At 2:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Langly wants someone else to make him rich? Maybe he's not a Democratic Party troll, but a MAGAt agent provocateur looking to distract from Trumpian outrages and the imposition of Biden as Hillary 2.0 to ensure Trump is re-elected.

If it stalks like a troll, and squawks like a troll, . . .

At 6:46 PM, Anonymous Gizmo said...

I especially love Mr. Democraps' inability to understand rhetorical statements and sarcasm. He shows it constantly. Earlier this week he even missed the meaning of the simple line "Republicans must be so proud" in one of the other posts. More proof of either dementia or English being his second or third language. Or, maybe there's a lot of mold in his cave.

At 5:00 PM, Anonymous Ed Kilgore said...

I've probably written more criticism of Biden as a potential presidential nominee than anyone you can identify. So the idea that I "want Biden to win" is really annoying. Please do not characterize my views without reading them.

Ed Kilgore


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