Wednesday, June 05, 2019

The Same Reasons Why Primaries Are So Important, Are The Reasons Anti-Democracy Creeps Like Cheri Bustos Hate Them


On Monday, Georgia progressive Michael Owens penned a post for Daily Kos on a topic that should be familiar to all DWT readers by now-- DCCC Incumbent Protection Policy Threatens a Progressive Congressional Race in Georgia. The DCCC policy of stifling primaries isn't new, but under Cheri Bustos they're pursuing it openly-- and with a vengeance. Vendors he needed for his campaign are refusing to work for him in fear of DCCC retribution. His district has a PVI of D+20. No Republican is going to ever come close to winning that seat. Yes, it's Georgia but Trump only took 26.6% of the vote there. Obama won it both times he ran. But the fake-Democrat occupying the seat is David Scott, a Blue Dog who supports Republican legislation, Republican ideas and even Republican candidates! The DCCC should be helping Owens get rid of him; instead, they're trying to destroy him. "The DCCC," he wrote, "should promote democracy and not stifle it. As it relates to Democratic primary elections like mine, the voters of the district should to decide who their next congressperson is, not the DCCC."

The entrenched political class hates primaries because primaries are a way for voters to hold them accountable and because of primaries, candidates out of synch with their constituents are forced to take positions they would rather not. We talked about that in early May when Ben Ray Luján-- a 100% Pelosi puppet who never strays from her demands-- was forced to endorse the Green New Deal because his Senate primary opponent, New Mexico's progressive Secretary of State, Maggie Toulouse Oliver, has been vigorously campaigning on it-- and making traction because of it.

Yesterday I found a press release in my inbox. This was the giant, bolded headline:

Luján Co-Sponsors Medicare for All Legislation

It's news because who would ever imagine this stooge would go against Pelosi, who opposes Medicare-For-All. Ah... but that primary. One of the top planks of Maggie Toulouse Oliver's is... yes, of course, Medicare-For-All.

Pramila Jayapal and Debbie Dingell, who wrote the bill, asked for co-sponsors on February 27. On that day 106 Democrats signed on. As expected, Luján refused. In march, April and May, more Democrats became co-sponsors. And here we are in June and... the magic if a primary kicks in:
"Since my very first days in Congress, I’ve strongly held the belief that health care is a fundamental right for all, not a privilege for a few. No individual should ever be denied care or worry about costs when sick. But, for far too many Americans today, that is not the reality. Despite the incredible progress we’ve made because of the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion, we continue to see Americans crushed by the health insurance industry and health care remains a right that far too many New Mexicans and far too many Americans struggle to gain. It’s why I’m proud to announce my support of Medicare for All-- bold legislation that will greatly enhance the ability for Americans to receive care. After working with Congresswoman Jayapal’s office to ensure veteran and Native health concerns were properly addressed, I am proud to add my name to the legion of patients, activists, and lawmakers who’ve endorsed Medicare For All.”
What a bullshitter! Maggie handled it gracefully on Twitter a couple of hours after his bug announcement.

Heather Brewer, Oliver's campaign manager, told me that for the sake of New Mexico they're "glad that the congressman is joining Maggie in supporting Medicare for All. We were surprised by his change of heart given that he’s had more than a decade in Washington to advance bold healthcare initiatives, but he has already followed Maggie’s lead and changed his longstanding positions on the Green New Deal and accepting corporate PAC money. Voters care about progressive issues and policies, but more than that, they want a real progressive leader, like Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver, who stands on strong progressive values.”

This is what Maggie has had to say about impeachment. Everyone is wondering how long will it be before Ben Ray jumps onboard too?
"There is more than enough evidence to move forward with impeachment. It’s time to hold this president accountable. We can both hold this President accountable and push for our progressive priorities-- and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Even as we investigate the president,we can continue to fight for bold ideas like Medicare-for-All and a Green New Deal, expanding voting rights, protecting a woman’s right to make her own healthcare decisions, and fighting our student debt crisis. I’ve never backed down from a fight with Donald Trump before and I’m not about to start now."

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At 2:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It isn't individuals like bustos. it's the goddamn PARTY!

Every despotic situation, including this one, is marked by the powerful doing everything they can to stay there.

"The DCCC should promote democracy and not stifle it."

Again, the DCCC has one prime directive and one secondary directive, as anyone with their melon outside of their anus would know:
1) keep the money people in power / prevent any progressive insurgents from displacing the money people.
2) put as many vetted democrap tushies in house seats for Pelosi to keep the gavel.

you will note that neither part of their charter is to promote democracy of any kind.

you want democracy? find a different left party to whom democracy matters. You're never going to change the despotism of the money in the democrap party.

At 5:06 PM, Blogger Unknown said...

Slightly off topic, but don't be surprised when Trump endorses Medicare-For-All during the campaign if Biden is the nominee. Trump would love to get to the left of Biden on a popular issue and cut the legs out from Biden's campaign.

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