Monday, April 01, 2019

Does Kirsten Gillibrand Consider Joe Biden's Behavior "Disqualifying"? Someone Should Ask Her


Jake Tapper: "Do you think [Biden's behavior toward women] is disqualifying for him?" Lucy Flores: "For me it's disqualifying."

by Thomas Neuburger

Listen to the clip above in which Lucy Flores talks with CNN's Jake Tapper about Joe Biden's "completely inappropriate" behavior toward her and other women. It certainly sounds from Tapper's remarks that Joe Biden is very likely to announce his presidential campaign soon.

It also sounds like there's a certina "protect Biden" edge to some of Tapper's questions — especially from his use of the entirely inapplicable quote from Henry Muñoz, co-founder of the Latino Victory Project and the sponsor of the event at which Biden and Flores appeared (8:32 in the clip). Muñoz states that "at no time were [Flores and Biden] along together." Since Flores clearly said the event occurred in the presence of other people, no one is contesting that. Why Tapper used that quote is beyond me.

From this, it's possible to conclude that the establishment is circling the wagons around Biden, a mistake if that's true. But it is an indication, if a small one, that Biden may be the person the anti-Bernie, anti-Warren alliance is putting their money on in the primary.

If you haven't yet, do read Flores' article with her original allegations ("An Awkward Kiss Changed How I Saw Joe Biden"). Then consider, if Bernie Sanders had engaged in this kind of behavior, would the establishment media, from CNN to MSNBC to Fox, not immediately declare the behavior "disqualifying" without even stopping to post it as a question?

What Does Kirsten Gillibrand Think of Joe Biden's Treatment of Women?

But I want to make a different point here. Some enterprising reporter should ask Kirsten Gillibrand, who made it her mission to remove Al Franken from the Senate for doing things like this...

The now-famous Al Franken–Leeann Tweeden photo

...if she thinks Biden should withdraw from the race and stand down for doing what Lucy Flores said he did in her article.

Seriously. Ask her. She's made this one of her signature issues, so it's an entirely appropriate question.
The answer, I'm certain, will be absolutely revealing.

Biden Being Creepy

To add fuel to that fire, the need to ask Gillibrand about Joe Biden's behavior, here are a few more "Biden being Biden" photos. There are a great many more of these images; this is just a sample.

This is the image that accompanies the Flores article in The Cut. It doesn't depict the event Flores recounts, but notice the position of Biden's right hand on Eva Longoria.

Click here for an image of Biden sniffing Eva Longoria's hair at the same event.

The next shows Joe Biden with Ash Carter's wife at his swearing-in ceremony as Secretary of Defence. She wasn't even onstage until Biden motioned her up to join him. Then he fondled her shoulders and sniffed and kissed her hair.

And for something truly creepy, here's Joe Biden with his son Beau Biden's wife at Beau Biden's funeral:

And again at Beau Biden's lying-in-state ceremony:

Does Kirsten Gillibrand find this behavior appropriate? Does she find it "disqualifying" for Biden as a presidential candidate?

Someone (brave) should ask her.

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At 12:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, if trump can boast about grabbing them by the pussy, what biden has done for 45 years is not DQing.

If the media says biden is DQ'd, then they have to say trump is DQ'd... right?

sorry. I forgot where I live.

At 1:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not willing to include Biden's embrace of his daughter-in-law. I think there is an acceptable reason for his actions at his son's funeral and should be left out of the mess Gillibrand created by pushing Franken out of the Senate.

Otherwise, this is a great question someone should launch at her. Since she isn't gaining any support, it might just convince her to remain in the Senate where she can cause all the trouble she wants and get away with it.

At 6:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another present from Obama to us. It'll take years for us to overcome the damage down by the Hope and Change fraud.

At 10:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

we're never going to overcome obamanation's damage. We keep electing democraps.

At 3:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

has it occurred to Anyone that what gillibrand did to Franken was only to establish her fem-cred among women -- because she thinks if she gets the distaff vote glued down, she could win the WH pretty easy?

IF Pelosi can violate her oath every time in order to gamble on better election results "next" time, why can't gillibrand be just as cynical?


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