Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Frank Schaeffer On Barr's Misleading Note About The Mueller Report Pretending To Exonerate Trump


Self-dealing Trump family corruption
Cheating on taxes
Defrauding banks
Lying perpetually
Provoking White Nationalist terror & killings
Giving billionaires tax breaks
Stiffing working Americans
Attacking Medicare and Social Security
Undermining environmental regulation
Emboldening other thug leaders
Sucking up to America’s enemies from Putin to the Saudi murderers
Emboldening America’s Nazis, KKK, armed militias
Trashing our intelligence services
Undermining our allies and NATO
Assaulting women and then besmirching their characters by name
Speaking up on behalf of rapists, child-molesters and international killers when "they deny the accusation, so I believe him"
Paying hush money to porn stars
Emboldening the religious right and their plans for theocracy
Choosing a homophobic bigot for vice president
Putting children in cages
Separating families
Attacking the free press
Making Fox News the official propaganda arm of the White House
Covering for dictators that kill journalists

Babies In Cages by Nancy Ohanian

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At 4:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The goals first declared under Reagan have been achieved. We the People no longer have any authority over those who oppress us. We have no courts willing to act on our behalf, we can't count on the Congress, and the resident of the Oval Office continues to transgress without pause. The criminals are in charge, and there is no one to rescue us. In fact, we can no longer rescue ourselves as the power elites have rigged the rules so that we can't.

At 7:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

to hopefully augment 4:25s fine summary, none of those bullet points is a crime ... because no DOJ has prosecuted any of those since Reagan. Failure to enforce laws is a precedent that makes not enforcing those crimes SOP.

Mueller did not need to exonerate trump of committing non-crimes.

At 3:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) if the report did exonerate der fuhrer, it would be published in full -- fox would be running a loop of some twinkie reading it verbatim 24X7X365. you can safely assume it does NOT exonerate der fuhrer and/or paints an indictable picture of fuckup jr., fredo, kushbaby or his dream punch, ivanka.
2) if we never get to read the full report, it is likely because it would make barr a perjurer as his "summary" is probably a steaming load.
3) *IF* the Nazis are just fucking with those hapless congressional democraps and they do actually publish the full report (no redactions), you can then presume that Mueller was not hired to find justice and that he did his job well ... this time.

There are simply no good outcomes here. Even if the full report shows that trump committed actual crimes, Pelosi still won't impeach... anyone... ever... for anything.

so here's what we need to do: elect a shitload more democraps in 2020 so Pelosi won't do shit for another cycle. yeah... that's the ticket!


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