Thursday, September 13, 2018

What If Blind People Decided Not To Vote For Trump?


The Dark Triad by Chip Proser

Señor T alienated another group of voters: blind people. There are 7,297,100 blind people living in the U.S. Before we get into how Trump alienated blind people, let's look at a few states. The first number is approximately how many blind people live there. The second number is the margin of Trump's win over Hillary:
Arizona- 161,400 (91,234)
Florida 486,400 (112,911)
Georgia- 262,800 (203,441)
Michigan- 221,400 (10,704)
North Carolina- 269,600 (173,315)
Pennsylvania- 300,000 (44,492)
Wisconsin- 97,300 (22,748)
That's 117 electoral votes, Trump had 304 electoral votes to Hillary's 227. a 77 vote majority... Just sayin'.

Barbara Res wrote an OpEd for the N.Y. Daily News yesterday. She was the vice president in charge of construction at the Trump Organization until she quit... And this OpEd, Trump and his flunkies: Why aren't staffers standing up to him? explains why she quit. This is how she started the piece:
On this particular day, the architect had come to Donald Trump’s office to show him what the interior of the residential elevator cabs would look like.

Trump looked at the panels where the buttons you push to reach a floor were located. He noticed that next to each number were some little dots.

“What’s this?” Trump asked.

“Braille,” the architect replied.

Trump told the architect to take it off, get rid of it.

“We can’t,” the architect said, “It’s the law.”

“Get rid of the (expletive) braille. No blind people are going to live in Trump Tower. Just do it,” Trump yelled back, calling him weak.

The more the architect protested, the angrier Trump got. Donald liked to pick on this guy. As a general rule, Trump thought architects and engineers were weak as compared to construction people. And he loved to torment weak people.

But did he think the architect would remove the Braille from the panels? Never.

I had seen him do this kind of thing before and would again. He would say whatever came into his head. Ordering an underling to do something that was impossible gave Trump the opportunity to castigate a subordinate and also blame him for anything that “went wrong” in connection with the unperformed order later. A Trump-style win-win.

Trump did this with outrageous or just plain stupid ideas, both legal and illegal. Sometimes those lines were blurred.
Before Trump won the nomination, Rolling Stone ran a story about Res, reminding readers that Trump was always invoking Res as proof that he’s long been a champion of women -- pushback for when his was accused of being a sexist pig. The first question and answer:
Were you surprised by the image Trump retweeted comparing Heidi Cruz’s appearance to Melania Trump’s, or did that seem pretty par for the course given what you saw of his attitudes toward women?

I was not surprised, no. Here’s a story: We were working on this big project on the West Side [the ill-fated Trump City, now known at Riverside South] and there were a lot of influential people opposing the project. We ended up trying to make an agreement with this consortium of people. There was a very, very important woman on the side of the group that was opposing us, and Donald had to have lunch with her. He said she was very, very ugly and he didn’t want to be seen sitting alone with her on his perch at the Plaza Hotel, so he made me go to the meeting with him.

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At 11:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stories like this were actively suppressed by the media building Trump up as the Second Coming. The fact that they are coming out now tells me that Trump's usefulness to the oligarchy is about completed.


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