Saturday, July 07, 2018

Midnight Meme Of The Day!


by Noah

Every Christmas, far right loons like the barely coherent smug fratboy Tucker Carlson and screaming banshee Jeanine Pirro go on endless bitch-a-thons about towns across America that have stopped displaying Nativity scene creches on public property. The righties wring their hands, play their worn to a frazzle victim cards and cry that their "religious beliefs" are under attack. It's all part of their big whine about a so-called "War on Christmas" and "War on Christianity"; never mind that this pathetic greek chorus of whining is perpetrated by some of the most unchristian people one could ever meet.

At the real center of the issue lie the issues of free speech and the concept of the separation of church and state. Is it right for the government, local or otherwise, to appear to endorse one religion over another, etc. The solution is often to remove the creche from government property to private land. No one is tearing down the churches of the whiners and bitchers. Put your creche on the lawn of your church or your own lawn, your own property. One would think that would satisfy them except that, like all religious fanatics, they would prefer to have the right to force their beliefs on all. It's the Republican way; American Taliban and all that.

he town of Boca Raton, Florida once reached a compromise on the creche matter. The Christmas creche was allowed to stay as long as another group was allowed to put a Satanic display next to it. Seems fair, and, it is Florida, after all.

Other things happen, too. People set up their own creches on their own lawns with Festivus poles. I remember seeing a nice picture of a creche where someone had added a giraffe to go with the little lambs to the creche on their lawn. Now that's what I call diversity and inclusion! People have even been known to put a nice six-foot Santa in their creche. Talk about your mixed metaphors! Whatever. It's all free speech for real. Speaking of which, it goes without saying that, in the republican mind, Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, along with the Three Wise Men usually have to be white, white, white; you know, like from Norway. If I was a Christian, I might put up a creche and put a jacket on Joseph that said "I really Don't Care. Do You?"

I was also thinking that this Christmas might see an addition of a Stormy Daniels blow-up doll in more than one creche for all who drove by to see. Maybe some enterprising folks could erect such a creche in Lafayette Park, in full view of the White House, except that the problem is that Lafayette Park is government property, so, there goes that idea.

Something more impactful has come along, however. If the actions of an Indiana priest are any indication, we may see creches in cages this year. The Episcopal Christ Church Cathedral in Indianapolis has already put the Holy Family in a detention cage in protest of Herr Trump's "zero tolerance" policy towards immigrants, even if they are fleeing persecution and death in their own countries like the Holy Family was all those years ago. Christ Church's minister, Steve Carlson, thought the action would provoke a discussion of just what we're doing in this country. He was right. The image has gone viral, worldwide. Some people are offended. They seem to have forgotten the story that Jesus offended people and they worship him for it. They even whine that the church's statement is a political statement, as if their own churches never told them how to vote or get involved in the confirmation of judges. Sigh, there's that ol' separation thing again. Separation of church and state, that is; not the separation of babies from parents or families from freedom and life itself.

So, it looks like the whining righties might see lots of creches come December, just not the kind they were wishing for. You know what they say about wishing!

But, why wait? I'm already making plans to put up a creche for Halloween. In addition to the Holy Family, I will be including Kellyanne Conway, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and Ted Cruz in mine. Jesus, Joseph, and Mary will even feature a more believable skin tone. Maybe, I'll include one of those naked Trump statues, too, with a naked Putin, of course.

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At 4:33 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Vermont minister named Adam Hall put some new lyrics to a flag waver chestnut and accurately expressed what I feel American churches should now be saying about the evil that is Trump.

Better late than never, this is more in the vein of what churches did during the Civil Rights Movement, standing up for Right against Might. IF this nation is as religious as people like to pretend they are, such action should be more widespread than it now is. That it isn't reveals the lie of the pose.

At 7:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are 62 million, at least, who think their god is completely behind all their hatred. They believe that trump was sent by that god precisely to be cruel to those they commonly hate.

You may find isolated church protests. But don't kid yourselves. The American (white) Christian churches created this horseshit.

At 8:15 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those who believe and wrathful and hateful GAWD cannot claim to be Xtian. They wallow in the Old Testament where genocide, patriarchy, and slavery are rife. Considering they approve of such crimes against humanity, they cannot abide that peace hippie Yeshua the Nazarene (whether or not he actually existed).

At 6:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

8:15, you are projecting. All of gawd's hate, genocide, petulance and narcissism in the OT **IS** in the book. The contradiction in the NT doesn't matter. There's something in that book (the WORD of gawd, dontcha know) for everyone's psychoses.

"god said it. I believe it. That's the end of it." bumper sticker that was very pouplar only 15 years ago.

Maybe 1 out of 100,000 who sport that sticker have actually read the book. The 99,999 believe their parasitic clergy who just TOLD them what it said, as well as what it "really means".

That's America. Not only dumber than a fungus-riddled geranium, but too lazy to read their own book.


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