Friday, July 06, 2018

Britain Prepares To Welcome-- If That's The Word-- Señor Trumpanzee


One of Trump's most impressive achievements is how quickly he turned himself into the world's most detested man (except in fascist-oriented countries like Russia, Hungary, Israel and Poland, where they admire him). Next week the British people have to cope with him in person... and they're getting ready. Dominique Mosbergen reported yesterday how Magid Magid, lord mayor of Sheffield, who noted that Trump is "a spurting cesspit of hate," banned him from Sheffield, the 6th biggest city in the U.K., bigger than Seattle, DC and Boston, smaller than Indianapolis. On Wednesday, Magid, wearing a sombrero, declared the day Señor T is due to arrive in the U.K., Thursday, apparently, "Mexico Solidarity Day."

Lord Mayor (guy in the sombrero)

Meanwhile, SkyNews was reporting that a gigantic Trump baby balloon-- made by anti-fascist "art activists"-- has been given the green light to fly near parliament when the orange slob gets to London. Another mayor! "London mayor Sadiq Khan's Greater London Authority has approved a request for the flight after thousands signed a petition and a crowdfunding campaign raised more than £16,000 to get the six-metre inflatable off the ground. Strict rules are in place for the flight from Parliament Square Gardens, with the balloon being tethered to the ground and restricted from floating higher than 30m (98ft)." It will be flying while the Stop Trump March is in full swing.

Spokespersons of the group behind the balloon described it as an "obscene mutant clone of the president" and says it will "hold up a huge mirror of truth" to the world. Another noted that Trump is a "dangerous excuse for a president... We are just a small group of friends who set out to show that fascists are not welcome in the UK." They hope to take "Trump Baby" on a world tour following the president's visit. I know they would be very welcome in Los Angeles.

London prepares to roll out the red carpet for the slob

Trumpanzee arrives in London late Thursday, in time for dinner at Blenheim Palace-- not Buckingham Palace, which is reserved for actual state visits. And yes, Meghan Markle, the new Dutchess of Sussex, who slammed him as a "misogynist," may be at the dinner.

The following day, a week from today, London will celebrate" Trump with a gigantic protest march. He leaves on Monday, the 16th. The Guardian reported yesterday that Trump should expect protests everywhere he pops up in the U.K. His schedule is a closely guarded secret.

After Thursday night's protest at Parliament Square, the U.S. Embassy and Blenheim Palace, Brits will show what they think of Trump near Chequers, the country house where it is thought Trump will meet Theresa May for breakfast, outside the BBC’s headquarters at 2pm and ending in Trafalgar Square at 5pm. Over the weekend there will be protest rallies and marches in Scotland, where Trumpanzee is expected to be playing golf. Trump's U.K. visit spans the time between the NATO meeting in Brussels and his visit with Putin in Helsinki on July 16. Presumably Trump will deliver something big to Putin-- recognition of Russia's annexation of Crimea, more turmoil at NATO or the end of American sanctions-- likely in return for a pledge from Putin to help the Republicans steal the November midterms.

Lord Mayor bans Trumpanzee from Sheffield

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At 3:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If only American citizens felt one-tenth of the energy foreign populations have to express their displeasure regarding Trump in their streets. If faced with the kind of protest that London is generating, and since Scott Pruitt went quietly into that post-limelight night after being confronted by a mother and her child at a restaurant (certainly merely a symbolic connection), then just maybe something more momentous could happen?


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